The countdown in on….

As of 10am on Monday, the Monday of the holiday long weekend, Memorial Day, Glenn is heading off on his first Chinese adventure.  I clearly state ‘first’, as we have already been warned that his travel visa is good for TWO trips to China this year.  Apparently, this whole travel business costs Apple a mint, so I’m sure they won’t waste the opportunity to use all their options.  He showed me his itinerary, spelled out in very awkward English, describing how the factory, Pegatron, operates from 8am to 8pm, 6 days per week.  The visiting engineers don’t have to work those hours, but they are free to be there for as many of those hours as they choose.  The itinerary specifies that they can choose pick up times as best suits their needs, but their drop off times are all around 8am.  They can stay as late as midnight, if they choose, but the ear lies return shuttles start at 5pm.  

This is a picture of what the rooms look like at the affiliated hotels, all of which are owned by Hyatt.  ImageYou can see, he’ll be roughing it.  

As we were unloading our groceries, Barbara came over again.  She just wanted to reassure Glenn that I’d be just fine, as she and Charles would be keeping an eye on me.  She then announced that she would call me EVERY DAY, just to make sure that I hadn’t fallen, and that I didn’t need anything.  I suppose in order to justify her need to be my guardian angel, I’m going to have to think of something that I desperately need, that I don’t seem to have on hand.  

Glenn tells me that Apple has a ‘hotline’, so that if any of their little lambs suddenly fall ill and need to see a doctor in a foreign land, they will let him know where to go to find English speaking doctors.  And yes, Apple pays for it all.  

So, who is going to get the better care in the next two weeks?  Me, with Charles and Barbara at my beck and call?  OR Glenn, with his various Apple minions, available to save the day?  The jury is still out on this one!

This morning we went to the Volunteer Fair, at the Santa Clara Library in Central Park.  There were a couple dozen organizations looking to increase their inventory of available volunteers.  I had expected to be confronted with innumerable tempting opportunities, and thereby having a difficult time choosing which opportunity or opportunities to choose!  Sadly (for them), but happily (for me), nothing really tempted me more than the one I had chosen last week at the Santa Clara Seniors Center, aka the gym I go to twice per week,  They are looking for someone to man the snack bar on Wednesday afternoons, which would be perfect for me.  I am already there for my gym class on Tuesday and Thursday from 11am til noon, so I have no trouble finding it, mostly thanks to my GPS.  It is actually just a mile and a half down the road, so if I was in better shape (and we weren’t heading into the hot time of year),  I could easily walk it.  

There were other opportunities that this group is hoping to fill as well.  One of them is waiting on the seniors that come for the regular lunch program.  Those folks age 65 and up can participate.  The menu changes frequently, and the individual’s choices must be made a couple weeks ahead of time.  The prices are VERY reasonable, and the meal usually includes soup, sandwiches, salad, and dessert, with tea, coffee or fruit juice.  This is an extremely popular program, and is a very social event!  There is a large dining room, and if the weather is agreeable, some folks choose to sit on the tree filled patio, at comfy tables and chairs!

My only concern about this plan is that I do occasionally ,ok, MORE than occasionally, drop things.  Perhaps I could set tables, or clear them after the meal?  We will see…..  The other opportunity is at the registration desk.  There are MANY opportunities for the local senior, including a dozen or more field trips, including casinos, gardens, plays, lectures, San Francisco, Napa, trips to the coast (like Monterey, or Half Moon Bay), trips to the mountains (either coastal or the Sierra Nevada’s, although they just got several inches of snow!).  These are all available at very low cost, on a first-come-first-served basis.  There are also ongoing activities, like bridge, poker, pool, euchre, etc.  It really is a social hub!

Today was also no-tax day at our favorite garden center, Orchard Supply Company.  It is just local, and regulars get a small discount on all purchases.  Glenn has decided that despite this being a rental, he wants to undertake re-doing the irrigation system for the yard.  Part of his motivation was our recent water bill, that said that we have used 500 gallons per day!  That is NUTS!  SOMETHING  must be leaking, and by leaking I mean GUSHING!  Glenn to the rescue!  He has little more than 36 hours to solve the problem before he leaves, but he doesn’t seem worried.  If he doesn’t fix it by the time he goes to China, oh well.  It won’t be any worse off than it is now!  

As my father would say, “sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof”.  I don’t know why, but it just felt right putting that in.


2 thoughts on “The countdown in on….

  1. Love all your news again. I must say it’s hard not to be envious when you drop all these names like Monterey, Napa and San Fransisco! I’m sure you’d give the scenery up to be closer to home though. Yes or no?
    I hope an elderly gentleman doesn’t “hit” on you if you go to this Senior’s Centre without Glenn! You are a young chick compared to them!


    1. Gail, you know I love and miss you terribly, as well as our ‘gang’ in your hood! But I’ve got to be honest, I really love it here. No more slipping on ice and breaking something of value, No more freezing rain, no more deep freeze for 5 months of the year!

      Glenn is ridiculously happy at Apple, but no surprise there. They really are awfully good to their staff; I’ve never seen a company like it, so yes I’m JEALOUS!

      Ask me again, after I’ve gone through this summer. I may be singing a different tune!


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