Concerning my recent fall from a week ago, I am back on my feet, with MUCH less pain, courtesy of Dr Dave and his prescription pad.  I’m now on Naprosen TID, which I took for the first time a noon.  You may not know this, but I can be rather pig headed about advice (not!).  So when I saw what the prescription was for, upon arriving at the drug store, I was somewhere between livid and scathing.  My basis for this somewhat uncharitable reaction was Mom:  she had been given Naprosen of her unexplainable back pain, before she was diagnosed with a tumor in her spine.  While the Naprosen obviously didn’t help with the pain for her, it also made her violently sick to her stomach.

The good doctor gently probed my skull, noting the still evident bump, and the apparently fairly obvious hematoma.  Then, as he moved down my back, he was able to identify a suspected ‘bone bruise’ on my lower spine.  Whatever the diagnosis, the Naprosen seems to be what I need in order to be able to move about much more comfortably.  I think I’ll stick to just one per day, as that seems to be containing this very nicely.  Time is going to be the best healer for the bone bruise

I extrapolated from that experience that it wouldn’t be good for me, especially since I have just been taken off of my long term Pariet, also courtesy of Dr Dave.  Pariet is a heavy duty prescription stomach drug that I have been on for many years, originally to offset stomach woes caused by Solumedrol, aka IV prednisone.  That should explain why I hadn’t taken one until today, at least, I hope it does.  Anyway, I was humiliated to realize that the darned thing worked as well as it did.  And so far, my stomach hasn’t even noticed.

As of this evening, our house is a bit better furnished.  Our weekend visit to IKEA netted us a new bed, complete with headboard, storage drawer underneath, and a new mattress.  As well, Glenn got a new desk for the study, which is set up and useable as of 7pm.  Now, if we can just find the time to get a TV stand, I’ll be able to banish all of the cardboard boxes that still linger in the house.  This of course does not apply to the contents of the garage.  Thats a whole other reality!

A stroll through our back yard today revealed a new baby!  Our guava tree is pregnant!  Dozens of beautiful flowers  gazed out of the greenery, shyly showing their beauty.  small guava flower

I have never tasted a guava, so this will be a learning experience.  Dan, our friend with Serva, told us several weeks ago that guavas are absolutely wonderful, as long as you eat them soon after picking them.  Looking at the blossoms, and considering Dan’s advice, we’re going to have to eat nothing but guavas when they are ripe and ready.  Hopefully, this is something to look forward to!



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