T’was a lovely Christmas, even though hectic

When dinner was done, we hurriedly gathered our gifts and groceries, and headed up to Peterborough.  It was Monday Dec 23rd.  We arrived in time to chat for a short while, although Willa had long since tired out and gone to bed.  

Bright and early the next morning, Willa woke her parents.    She was obviously uncomfortable, and the reason didn’t take long to materialize.  She had large red hives on her thighs, and was running a low grade fever!  Claire was a bit panicked, but Evan was able to reassure her, drawing on his somewhat tumultuous childhood ills.  He told her that hives were not a stranger to him when he was young, and that sometimes there is NO reason for them.  

I asked if she could possibly be teething, then thought better of it.  Surely she is past that miserable period of a child’s life!  Yes, she assured me, she has all of her teeth…..except……two year molars, but she’s only 18 months old!

She stuck a finger in Willa’s mouth to feel her gums, and there they were, erupting through her gums.

THAT explains everything!  The slight fever, her hives, her irritability, they all go with that traumatic period of life.  Even though nonsensical, Evan had the same exact symptoms when he was her age.  

She was unable to eat very much breakfast, so subsisted on yogurt, Pedialyte, and small pieces of soft bread.  When she is really miserable, she just wants her mom to snuggle with her, so Claire was unable to do much towards the evening meal.  As a result, Evan and I were the chief cooks, which worked out well.  Evan donned an apron that I had sent him a few years ago for Christmas, which really suits his outlook on life:Image


“Get the duck out of my kitchen!”

Since they had to arrive at her mother’s house in time to help prepare Christmas dinner the next day, we decided to do our gift opening that evening, allowing Willa to enjoy some distraction from her discomfort.  As well, we were expected back in Waterloo for Christmas dinner the following evening.  



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