The night before…..

He is incredibly silent.  I knew that this would be the case, as stress makes him the ‘strong silent’ type.  He is very concerned that he’ll sleep through his alarm, like he did once many years ago.  I’ve not seen him this nervous in a very, very long time!  

The last time was actually mere moments before our wedding, something I only discovered after the fact.  Hutch caught his anxiety beautifully on film, so he is forever preserved as a nervous wreck.  Apparently, I was running a bit late in arriving at the church, something that was emphasized by the omnipresent huge clock in the room he was in.  If there was an audible ticking, it was probably ominously loud!

It seems to me that Mother Nature always uses these occasions to dump a ponderous amount of snow on me.  We no longer have a functioning snowblower, not that I could push it anyway.  After nearly thirty years of service our Honda snowblower has chosen to ‘fail to proceed’, in other words, the tranny is dead.  Still, I can’t persuade him to pull it out of the garage to the end of the driveway, and decorate it with a “free to good home” sign.  

Surprisingly it was amazingly easy to persuade him to purchase a very modern light fixture for our dining area, thereby laying the tacky old white-and-gold ceiling fan to rest.  It is a large ball of clear spun filaments, often seen in decorating magazines lately.  I decided to press my advantage, and suggested that the kitchen cupboards were worthy of a coat of light grey paint, especially since the current white on these original fixtures is worn, stained, and happy to show the previous blue shade through the abrasions.  Having gotten a quote for simply refacing these old stalwarts, the term ‘cheap fix’ seems much more appealing.  Once this is accomplished, my next challenge will be to replace the horribly hacked and stained countertops with newer stuff.  I personally know exactly how important a somewhat up to date kitchen can be!

Of course there are even more needed fixes waiting in the basement.  The mostly demolished bathroom is still waiting to have the ex shower stall cleared out.  Once that is done we can replace it all with a brand new TWO piece bath, since we already have a new vanity, sink, taps, toilet, and towel bars.  Rebuilding the walls will be made easier by Ryan and Carolyn’s presence at Christmas





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