While I was trying to brainstorm a title for this chapter, it occurs to me that we’ve spent FAR too much time on the ‘edge’.  The ‘edge’ is apparently going to come to an end within approximately 48 hours.  Josh emailed Glenn and asked him to set aside an evening next week to ‘talk’.

I just hope that this is going to start with an offer!  I very much fear for his mental health if Apple drops him at this point.  Too much anticipation and excitement has been banked in the back of his mind, despite his insistence that he ‘hasn’t got the job yet’.  For myself, I have been staying positive, while trying to remain ambivalent.  For example, when he starts to get blue, simmering in self doubt, I pull out my seed catalogues and assure him that I’d be just as happy to stay here and keep working on my garden.  In a sense, I WOULD be, too!  Staying here would ensure that we could baby the little tree that we planted over Isabel’s grave.  As well, the xeriscaping that we have started in our front yard could be expanded, eliminating even more water-sucking turf!

Do I sound rational?  

In an abrupt change of mind from several months ago, I am very anxious to get to California.  These slippery sidewalks are determined to get the better of my fragile balance, and I fantasize about bidding them farewell.  Glenn now feels the same way, with his badly smashed ankle and shoulder, courtesy of last spring’s curling episode.  It has left him with a deathly fear of slipping and re-opening the jagged break!  I have ‘cleats’ that I slip onto my winter boots, making me able to walk Peter even on the iciest days, but now I’m thinking I’d better get him some too!  California is not known for having this type of weather, but with our luck….

Meanwhile, the work on the basement bathroom continues.  It is now at the drywall stage.  


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