Party pix from Anna’s 80th

It was the ultimate set-up;  but of course we planned it that way!  As Anna came in the door at Paul and Cheryl’s house, Willa toddled down the hall to greet her.  Claire was right behind her, saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY GG, along with the nervous little blonde.  After that, Evan Carolyn and Ryan followed.   Glenn and I were the end of the appearances, which really pushed Anna to the height of shock.  To say that she was incredulous would be an understatement!



BUT her surprises weren’t over yet!  After a luncheon in which at least a dozen Kleenex were purposed, the birthday girl was handed a stack of cards, both birthday AND Mother’s Day, most stuffed with gift cards.  It is safe to say that she has enough theatre gift cards to see as many movies as she could possibly want, at least for this year!

Since she was told that going out to dinner was the plan for the rest of the day, she was not at all taken aback to be in a car mid afternoon.

“Ken and Michael wanted us to stop by their place so they could wish you a happy birthday.”

What she didn’t know was soon apparent.  The rest of the extended Windsor family awaited her there, bringing on more tears and incredulity.




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