Topsy turvy

I’m not 100% sure of how it happened, but I AM quite sure that it DID happen, since I have the bruises to show for it!

I suspect that it was all caused by an overflowing kitchen sink, that generously shared the surplus of  water with the ceramic tile floor.  This was the conclusion that Glenn agreed with, when he came how from taking Pete the dog on his evening stroll.  I was found laying on the kitchen floor, moaning quietly (having tired of screaming in pain).  I vaguely recall slipping, and realizing during the mere seconds before I fell that I was going to hit my head.  Unfortunately, I didn’t think fast enough during those seconds to protect my head SOMEHOW.  As a result, the pain was instantaneous and intense, resulting in the screams of agony.

By the time he found me, he was able to detect a rapidly swelling bump on my head.  He quickly got me a large Ziploc bag full of ice, which certainly helped mitigate the pain.  He helped me to the chair, when I noticed the vague nausea building in my gut.  It occurred to me at that point that I might need to go to an emergency room, as the bump was still very large and painful.  Perhaps I should make sure that I didn’t fracture my skull?  

No, its probably just a concussion.   All they’ll say is to rest for a few days, and take it easy.  Take Tylenol if you have any pain.

In hindsight, I suspect that I hit my head first, then flopped solidly on  my back, from shoulders to tailbone. Three full days later, I’ve still got a bump on my head, albeit considerably smaller.  At night, this has caused me to arrange my pillow very carefully, so to not put pressure on the sore spot.  I’m still having to take NSAID’s for the discomfort.  

The bruising all down my back is the worst of the injuries.  I can barely bend over to pick anything up off the floor without wincing, and grunting with the pain.  When I go to sit down, I have to do so slowly, since moving more quickly would cause me to shout with the discomfort.  Surprisingly, these bruises are not showing up yet, but when they do I expect an explosion of color.  

I’m debating calling the doctor’s office tomorrow.  I do have several things I need to discuss with him, so it wouldn’t be purely because of this latest fiasco of mine.  I need to talk to him about the paperwork for a new handicapped parking tag, since we’ll soon be getting a California license plate, which won’t match my Ontario permit!  Plus, I would like to get him to prescribe me a walker, which would help in paying for it, not that its usually a big ticket item.  I also need to re-do my link to the online communications site for the clinic.  Yes, I’ve lost/forgotten my id and password.  Big surprise, I know!






3 thoughts on “Topsy turvy

  1. Hi. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I feel for you and your bruises and pain, because I too am covered in bruises due to a car accident. As I read it I felt my own bruises and empathized with you.

    I hope you feel better soon.


  2. I think a visit from me is in order ASAP! (Since I do have a bit of a medical background….and since I’m probably your only friend who knows what NSAID’s are!) Sigh….I wish, I wish, I wish.


  3. I wish wish wish TOO! Especially since Glenn is leaving one week from tomorrow for two weeks in Shanghai! My balance has gone from bad to MUCH WORSE, and toppling over is happening with frightening frequency. As an example, I can’t just bend over to pick something up off of the floor. I have to hang on to something, preferably very sturdy, and unable to be dragged over with me! I am so very nervous about what I could possibly do to myself. At least I don’t have to worry about falling down the basement stairs anymore!


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