Dining out

We actually had such a great time at Barbara and Charles’ house that it took poor Charles yawning repeatedly before we got the hint!  Barbara’s family has lived quite the exciting life, and her detailed memory of everyone’s adventures made for a fascinating evening.  Interestingly, almost everyone in her family has married someone who had become a widow/widower after having several children, so blended families are commonplace.  She was also kind enough to share the recipes for the yummy dishes she prepared, so I can expect to find the handwritten copies in my mailbox very soon.

Today was our day helping with the cash count at the MS Society in San Francisco.  The monies were from the dozen or so Walks around the Bay area, and included cash, coin, cheques, credit card slips.  Each participant’s revenue had to be tallied up, verified, and assigned to the location at which the individual or individuals walked.  There were about a dozen of us there, but the food and drink provided was enough for there times that number!  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and were all done in just five hours.

Since we had a couple hours of free time, we came back home via the OTHER side of the Bay.  There is a fairly common sentiment that the west side of the Bay is the ‘good’ side, whereas the east side is less desirable.  Most of the pricey neighborhoods are on the west side of course.  For that matter, Santa Clara is on the west side, as is Sunnyvale, Cupertino, and Mountain View to name a few.  What I saw on our drive through ‘the other side’ was a LOT more industrial usage, a LOT of graffitti, some of which was more artistic than malicious in appearance.   The prevalence of malls was much more pronounced, with all the familiar big-name stores on the marquees.  I know that there are several malls on this side, but they are not easily found since they aren’t on the main hi ways.

Late this afternoon we met a girl who LOVES animals SO much that she has set up a small business for herself doing pet care.  Since we will need someone to care for our fur balls when we head back to Ontario in September for Ryan’s wedding, we wanted to meet her and introduce her to our gang.  She has been caring for our next door neighbor’s dog for quite some time, and was highly recommended.  That is one detail that will put our minds at rest when we head out of town!



5 thoughts on “Dining out

  1. The wedding is Saturday, September 27th. A way’s off yet, but I expect it will be on our doorstep sooner than we think, Especially with my hubby planning on heading to China far too soon: May 20-31.



  2. I know how homesick you must be feeling, but,…..you actually sound like you’re having a lot of fun Leann! The neighbourhood you guys found sounds so great and the people welcoming. Barbara and Charles sound wonderful and you and Glenn are probably just what the doctor ordered for them just as much as they seem to be for you!! Finding the young woman to dog & cat sit is awesome. What a huge relief for you. Love, love, LOVE reading your blog….keep it up!


  3. Thank you SO MUCH for the positive feedback! It makes it easier to justify sitting on my butt typing away, which I love, as opposed to using my exercise bike, which I find to be somewhat tedious.

    And as a side note, when we walked Pete last evening, we noticed a couple that we’ve never met, waving frantically at us, and grinning. Wondering what was going on, until we realized what street we were on. Talia! That’s the street that Sara, our new pet sitter, lives on. They must be her parents, who recognized Peter, put two and two together, and voila!

    Earlier today, I took Pete for an afternoon walk, since it was cooler today. I met a young lady who was obviously upset. All I had to do was say Hello, and she immediately began to tell me what her problem was. She had just moved here, and her cat accidentally got out. He has disappeared, so she has put signs on all the poles, with his pic plus her phone #. She asked me if I had seen him, and happily I was able to say YES, we saw him last evening, at a house just down the street, hanging with the owner’s cat! She grabbed my arm, and thanked me over and over, as she headed for that house. I hope she finds her cat soon!

    Another note: Glenn leaves for Shanghai China on May 20th, where he will be until at least May 31st.


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