Just Enough

Once again, our estimates of the dates are a bit off.  We THOUGHT that his starting bonus would be on this pay, but we were wrong.  Once again, we don’t have the extra money to replace old furniture that we left behind in Waterloo.  We have been literally living out of suitcases for six weeks now, causing an increasingly large pile of clothes to lay on the floor in our room.  This is best explained by the rules of physics, that dictate the amount of space that items actually occupy at any given time.  When you are packing for a trip, you very neatly fold your clothing so as to take the least amount of room.  However, once you start disturbing that perfect snug arrangement by, say removing a pair of socks, all syncope is lost.  This causes the remaining suitcase occupants to immediately become three times their previous size, and more inclined to relax into their more casual formats.  Those carefully folded tee shirts are now slack, causing their neatly tucked co-residents to slip and sag into something more often found in a teen’s closet.  Once this has BEGUN to occur, the rules of motion take over, allowing these strictly placed items to sigh, and seep into the random disorder that is more common to their nature.

What this means is that we now have wardrobe mayhem, and are at risk for multiple falls caused by mass entanglement.  Clearly, something must be done before this becomes a mammoth mountain of mayhem.  Looks like dresser shopping is on this weekend’s agenda.

His theory is that he can ‘reorganize’ our various finances, both debits and credits, to cause our bank account to think it is significantly better endowed than it really is.  This would allow us to fulfill our storage desires at the local IKEA, purchasing two dressers, two night tables, and…..possibly a headboard?  Be still my heart, fantasies to eventually appear in more sold form!  We haven’t had a headboard on our bed since we lived in Carp, which is at least ten years ago.  I feel a certain coming-of-age happening here!

Today is unseasonably chilly here, and a sneering rain continues to fall as a mist.  It figures, just before a weekend!  This probably won’t be a gardening weekend at this rate, but since there are still so many boxes to be unpacked, that’s not a worry.

We had originally volunteered to help with the cash count from the MS Walk in San Francisco, but for once they had a grand surfeit of volunteers, at least for this week’s walk.  We’re still on the books to help out with next week’s walks.  Since this is such a big area, there are walks scheduled for several different cities within the Bay area, and each will take care of their own cash counts.  SF is definitely the biggest by far, so it requirers more staff.  I didn’t sign up for the walk, since I don’t have that many contacts here.  In other words, I have no one to ask to sponsor me, thereby getting the MS Society more money.

I was out cleaning the picky-bombs off our driveway yesterday, sweeping them out into the street for the city to gather up during the night.  These are actually the seed pods of the huge tree (a sycamore, I’m told) in our front yard, and they are a hazard in themselves, especially if you are easily thrown off balance, like yours truly.  They don’t crush easily, and are inclined to roll, potentially turning your ankle!  They are about the size of a large jawbreaker gum ball, and covered with spines.  Evil little buggers, according to Barbara, across the street!

Our neighbor Jan was out doing the same thing.  He and his wife Kathey have listed their house for sale so they can move closer to where their daughter will be going to University, in Washington State.  Their family is closer by there as well, so they’ll be gone once their house here is sold.  He was telling me that their property taxes here are a bit overwhelming, at  $11,000 per year .  I expect they have listed their house for about $1,200,000, but will probably find out for sure when they have their open houses, starting this weekend.  We won’t be visiting, since we are not in the market to buy right now.  Besides, even if we could eventually scrape up enough money to buy, I’m not sure that living would be very easy, when property taxes are that nigh as well!  Perhaps renting is more in keeping with our lifestyle these days……!



One thought on “Just Enough

  1. This is what I know about the sycamore tree from the tree google! ‘The dense, green foliage of the perennial sycamore tree (Platanus occidentalis) is perfect for adding shade or leafy lushness to a backyard or garden. Sycamore trees are one of the oldest species of trees on Earth, and are known for their longevity and hardiness.’ How interesting that they are so old! Too bad about the furniture!


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