So this is the Chinese visa.  AKA, that which is going to put my husband’s life at risk, and take him away from me, leaving me in this foreign country ALL ALONE!

Glenn had his first visit at our new doc’s office this afternoon.  At the mention of his upcoming visit to China, he was immediately handed a prescription for four pills of anti-typhoid fever.  YUCK!  He is to start taking them immediately, especially since we have no clear idea as to when he will have to go, except to say that it will be ‘sooner than later’.  He was also referred to their gastroenterologist, since he is due for his VERY regular colonoscopy.  Should we not receive a phone call from the gastro’s office in the next THREE days, we are to contact them immediately.  

After checking his BP, Dr Dave also requested that he take his own blood pressure every morning, and to forward the readings to the office.  Yes, we Canucks are inclined to be a bit scathing of the US medical system, but so far, I’m impressed!  AT home, we can wait for a  l o n g  time to get a referral to a specialist, not every time of course, but….  Plus special tests requiring the use of snazzy equipment can involve an interminable wait!  You need an MRI?  Better go in through the Emergency Department, since they get priority.  Otherwise, you are likely in for at least a year’s wait.

Of course, I have no idea what the waiting period for that sort of test is here, but this HMO at least seems focussed on finger snapping speed.  Getting a phone call from the specialist does not necessarily mean that the test will happen that quickly.  I will certainly keep you apprised of this new experience of ours, and how it plays out in our case.  Honestly, there is NO big hurry for yet another test for his colon, as he has tested clear every time so far.  It is his family history that keeps growling in the background, and the fact that his Dad’s case wasn’t diagnosed until it was far too extensive to be conquered.  

Today, he got a surprise call from Apple’s Immigration Lawyer.  Apparerently, Glenn got lucky:  his name was drawn in the H1B lottery.  This means that he now  progresses to the next step;  the State Department  evaluates his visa request, and will let him know by the end of May as to whether they will continue to process his application.  He could potentially have the new visa in his hands by the fall!  

Should he get this precious visa, we will eventually be given the option of applying for US Citizenship, or ‘dual citizenship’.  WOW!  This is all happening SO fast!  We arrived into this country just over a month ago, and now…  I DO have this feeling of it all being preordained, and that we are simply following the dance steps that were determined perhaps long ago, by someone else.  I know, I’m lapsing into the just plain weird, but it is a comfortable place for me.  

So, my less exciting adventures today included me stopping in to a grocery store that is new to me.  Constantly searching for somewhere that I can buy Natural Bran (aka Red Bran), I figured that this was a reasonable  place to check.  I had heard that they have a worthy bulk food section!  They do in fact have three aisles of bulk foods, including oat bran, flax, whole wheat flour, wheat germ, and the like.  But….NO BRAN!  I asked a staffer, who asked a manager, who asked THE manager, who took my name and phone number, and said he would definitely let me know about what he learns.  Meanwhile, I suggested that the lids of the bins AND the backs of the bins would be better served if half a magnet was affixes to each, keeping the lid open while the customer self-served.  Without those magnets the lids were constantly slapping closed, knocking the scoop out of the customer’s hand, and spreading the product on the floor!  ‘WOW! ‘   The manager said, what a cool idea!  Bless my frequent visits to Bulk Barn!



6 thoughts on “Typhoid!?!?

  1. Very interesting to see a Chinese Visa, Leann! Thx. But….you realize you just posted a wealth of info about your husband, his full name, birth date, passport # and Visa # on the internet?!


    1. I asked him about it again, and he said that what you see is just a copy, that is basically useless unless attached to a passport. And like I mentioned before, he had diddled with the numbers…… ;-0


  2. Glenn knows I did that, but if there had been any risk involved, he would not have agreed to it. He checked it out first……..and removed or altered anything that could be a problem…….. ;-0


  3. China…I have friends, world wide travellers who have been to china at least 5 times…I thought they had more inoculations pre travel then just typhoid? Just saying…we worry bout you guys! But of course…it would appear you are in good hands down there!


    1. It was our new GP that told him he had to have the typhoid vaccine. He said that there were a bunch of others, but that he didn’t need them since he’s only going to be spending time in the one area.
      I hope you have managed to do away with your persistent snow cover by now! We are having a bit of a cool snap right now, with overnite temps dipping into the single digits, and mid day not getting much past 20. That’s ok, I don’t mind, but you should hear the locals whine!


      1. Snow went amazing fast…was here just that one day last week gone the next. Typical spring snow. BUT the temps are still cold. It is not nice out at all most days. Still bundle up in my winter jacket and hat. We have had lots of wind. There…am I complaining…YES!!!!!!!!


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