Meet and greet at the new doc’s

We had to choose a PC.  In our case, that stands for a Primary Caregiver.  Your KNEW it couldn’t be PC in the computer sense!

So, being the sacrificial lamb that I am, I was the first one to meet Dr David Hiroshima.  He is cute, young at 37, with has a good sense of humor.  I’m sold!  He did confess that he is moving to one of the other offices of our HMO in the Bay area:  San Carlos.  It is approximately half way between here, Santa Clara, and San Francisco, in other words, half an hour’s drive.  At that point, he said we would be welcome to transfer to that office, or we could stay with the current office here, just ten minutes away.  Either way, we would remain with the same HMO, but we would possibly change our PC, from him to another doc that remains with this local office.  This major difference between Canadian and American medical systems has we a bit confused at times!

Now that he has finished his 4th week at Apple, he has been told that he is now eligible for his first grant of RSU’s.  Similar to stock options, they are given as a ‘bonus’ to employees.  The difference between these and options is that you don’t have to BUY them;  they are provided, free of charge if you will!  There is no ‘strike price’, as that is not necessary, as you don’t have to pay for them.  He has been granted, or had set aside for him, 300K shares, that will vest one quarter at a time, over the next four years.

His other ‘gift’ was the shiny new Chinese ‘visitor’s’ visa!  Luckily, it specifies that he can only go twice this year, but after that, it is open season.  The restrictions on Apple staff only concern those individuals that ‘visit’ for more than 60 days in one year.  Those lucky staffers have to get a WORK visa, but not to worry, Apple will take care of it for you.

When I picked Glenn up, shortly after 6pm, he pointed out the staff walking along the sidewalk, carrying large paper bags.  These were the folks that were still at work, past 6pm.  At that point, it is dinner time, and dinner is FREE for anyone still there.  Obviously, the more savvy staffer can figure out to pick up the food, and carry it off to enjoy wherever they want!  He suspects it consists of whatever is left over from the day’s menu, but free is free.  My romantic hubby suggested that he could pick up some dinner sometime, and bring it home to me.  Be still, my heart.

After my appointment at the doctor’s office, I treated myself to the fun of a trip to the mall.  I rarely go the mall here in California, since the closes mall is what I like to call GINORMOUS:  my favorite combination of gigantic and enormous.  It is also a bouquet of high end stores, like Nordstrom’s, Gucci, Prada and the like.  There are others, ones that are more to my liking, like Talbot’s or Gap.  But somehow, the flavor of the mall is tainted by the fact that some of the stores have their own security guards.  Just saying…… this doesn’t make for a relaxing saunter through the mall.  If it isn’t relaxing, it isn’t worth doing.  That is, UNLESS you have a specific purpose in mind.  I did have a purpose;  finding a dress.  Luckily, Macy’s had a wonderful navy and white abstract print, with a narrow navy patent leather belt.  A very classic style, and just perfect for my purposes.  I actually didn’t have anything specific purpose in mind for this dress, I just knew I needed/wanted a dress.  A girl never knows when someone is going to want to take her OUT for dinner, right?

After picking Glenn up, it was off to HD, aka Home (Frickin’) Depot.  The middle name is courtesy of Ryan, whose first job was with Canadian Tire.  A little inter-industry competition is healthy, right?  This visit had a familiar purpose, that of acquiring more brown mulch for the front garden.  You’d question the common sense of folks like us, putting so much time and effort, to say nothing of dollars, into our rental home.  The whole concept of this not really being OUR house just hasn’t sunken in, I guess.  The last time we lived in a rental property was the apartment we had for the first six months of our marriage.  Once the rental company decided to turn these brand new, Lake Ontario waterfront, units into condo’s, we left and bought a cute little townhouse that was more in line with our budget.  That was when Nortel suddenly decided to transfer us to Ottawa, and the rest is history.

Today’s adventures will include dropping the car off for it’s SPA treatment, which includes a thorough cleaning inside, outside, and more specifically, UNDERNEATH.  We need to say farewell to any salt residue still clinging to the poor baby!  It is quite humbling here seeing much older types of cars that haven’t been made for many years still on the road, and looking fine.  Why?  Salt isn’t needed on California’s hi ways and byways.  It never really gets that cold, certainly not enough for snow build up.  The exception would be the nearby mountains, but there are precious few roads in those areas!





One thought on “Meet and greet at the new doc’s

  1. It sure does sound rather confusing getting a PC and this HMO thing! Before you moved down there, I thought HMO was for poor people. Hahaha!!


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