The ‘Gift’

We very recently received the large envelope of mail that Glenn’s brother Paul had sent to us via Priority Post.  He had mailed it almost a month ago, but we just received it on Friday, April 11th.  Luckily, he had registered it, so we were able to track it on its meandering route, from Windsor, Ontario to Santa Clara, California.  It had apparently stopped off in Chicago, and spent some quality time doing a great deal of indeterminate things.  We are still missing the registered letter sent to Revenue Canada, from here,  ten days ago.  It also appears to be visiting Chicago, when we checked earlier today.  Is there a black hole there somewhere?  If so, we have some mail in it!

I’m not sure which post office is the sinister one;  Canada Post, or the United States Postal Service.  It seems that it likely takes the commutative talent of both organizations to effectively consume important, registered mail, and disgorge it ONLY when both senders and recipients have given up all hope.

When we opened the package from Paul, where we had all of our Waterloo mail forwarded, THAT was when we discovered the Bon Voyage gift from the Waterloo Police Department.  A lovely photo of our car, as taken by a red light camera.  The photo also showed the person who was, at the time of the click, sitting on our bumper.  Do you think that will mitigate the fine?  Not likely!

This afternoon, I spent a relaxing 90 minutes registering for a General Practitioner for both Glenn and myself.  I had chatted with our soon-to-be EX next door neighbor, inquiring as to the name of a doctor she could recommend.  She told me of this amazingly compassionate and caring doctor that she has seen for the past number of years, and gave me his phone number.  After checking to make sure that he was approved by our HMO (Health Maintenance Organization:  United Health Care), I called the office.  He is part of a larger group of physicians called Palo Alto Healthcare Group.  Once I explained to the receptionist that I was a displaced Canadian that was looking to line up with a GP here, she started her paperwork.  After overcoming her dismay about my not having a SSN, she explained that the doc that I had originally wanted to sign up with, Dr Jain,  had a CLOSED practice.  Luckily, Jan, Cathey’s husband, had mentioned that he had been seeing Dr Hiroshima, so I suggested his name.  Luckily, he had TWO remaining openings in his patient roster, so I have an appointment with him on Friday morning, this week.  

BUT WAIT!  This Friday is Good Friday!  He has office hours then?   Apparently, the world of high technology does not recognize Easter as being a holiday requiring a Friday and a Monday off.  I had found out earlier today that Glenn doesn’t have these extra days off, much to my disgust!  I had been hoping and planning on these extra days off to finally finish our unpacking, and getting these boxes OUT of the house!  Sigh…my life will continue to be bracketed by Allied Van Lines for a while yet.

Since we spent most of the weekend planting, fixing the irrigation system, pruning, deadheading, mulching, and admiring our hard work, I figured it was a good time to take some pictures of our yard.  The first one is not impressive looking, but believe me when I tell you that it is a blueberry bush, and three strawberry plants.  Image

This second colorful patch is by the garage door, and all are plants guaranteed to be able to deal with hot and dry conditions.  In the middle is a tall skinny rose that was already there!


These trellises we bought before we left Waterloo.  I had bought a coupon on an online auction to support a charity that I cannot remember the name of.  In front of these two trellises we have planted Bower vines, that are fragrant, love hot sun, and don’t drink much. Perfect!



Please do not let this afternoon temperature dissuade you from visiting me!!  The temps in the morning, when Glenn takes Peter for his first walk of the day, are between 10C and 12C.  This picture I took today was at 130pm, of a thermometer sitting in full sun.  The actual temperature was 23C.   That same thermometer shows just 16C this evening, at 10pm.Image


2 thoughts on “The ‘Gift’

  1. Our lovely warm day yesterday quickly changed through the evening with a massive drop in temp. Woke up to winds and heavy rain which at this very moment is changing to freezing rain, then snow, then a low of -9. The poor trees! They don’t know whether to perk up or die back! GAH!!! Will it ever end??


  2. I am looking at your beautiful flowers with jealousy AND disgust. We had 25C yesterday for all of 2 hrs and this afternoon it is SNOWING!!!! AAAAAHHHH!!!


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