Front of the house

These are the pics of the FRONT of our house.  It is about 1500 sq ft, and like almost all homes in California, there is NO BASEMENT!  There is a crawlspace, but it is usable by only a very small person, as it is barely 2 feet deep.  It is used for wiring, plumbing, etc.  but NOT for anything else!Image

This pic also shows the roof, which is another typically California thing.  These are cedar shakes, original to the house when it was built.  If we had been buying this house, I would definitely have wanted an inspector to look at it, as it looks very sketchy.  Probably 70% of the local homes have this same roofing material, some in obviously worse condition than this one!  There are a VERY few asphalt shingles on rooves, as well as some steel rooves.  The gent that Apple contracted to help us find a place said that people generally don’t replace these old cedar shakes until they become a problem, i.e.. they leak.  Very much a “if it aint broke don’t fix it” mentality.

This pic shows the plants in the front border.  They are old, but seem fairly healthy.  The purple flowered shrub is known as a ‘potato tree’, but no one seems to know why, nor do they know the proper name.  You KNOW how I like to know the botanical names!  There are also two camellia shrubs, one of which is being crowded out by an unnamed plant.  I actually wangled permission to dig that one out, so out it goes, as soon as we get time!  So, across the front, are a potato tree, unknown intruder, camellia, empty space (you know I’m gonna fill that in!), another camellia, another potato tree.



Yesterday I had lots of fun at the garden center.  I got two yellow daisies, 2 Can-can Heuchera (coral bells), and 2 dark red-purple foliage plants.  I also got some little purple flowering fellows for the hot dry spot at the end of the garage side bed, just to keep the lone thin rose company.  


But my real score was two climbing vines to put on the side of the garage that you see above.  We had gotten some trellises before we left Waterloo, done by a wrought iron craftsman, and they have been just waiting for an opportunity like this!  The plants I got “Bower vines”, one variegated foliage the other plain green foliage.  They are perpetual bloomers, and flowers have a light scent.  Since folks here are not big on botanical names, that’s all the information I was given, even at a garden center.

Once everything is planted, I’ll send more pictures, but that’s it for now.  The property manager, Hala, is due to drop by with a couple of tins of paint for us.  Currently, the walls are all patchy pale pink, which irritated Glenn enough to volunteer to paint if they bought the paint for him to use!  He has also talked Hala in to footing the bill for a new toilet for the main bath, since the one there at the moment is ancient, and uses far too much water.  Geez, these people are living in a drought zone, but WE are the ones coming up with all the water saving ideas!  When I initially tried to get the owner to go along with us installing rain barrels to catch the run off from the roof, she was confused.  

“Why would you want to do that?”, she queried.


2 thoughts on “Front of the house

  1. I agree Gail! And look at all that sun! I was just out canvassing for poop (spring pick up and drop off) and muttering to myself grumpily about the wind. Yes it is sunny and warmer today but the wind was blowing me off my feet so I am back in the house…


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