Meltdown….! In the temperature sense, that is..

Supposed to get to 28C today, probably later today, in the sizzling afternoon sunshine.  I have accumulated several plants wanting to  be planted, but it is just too hot right now, at 11am.  They are resting in the shade, hopefully anticipating being planted in soil that is well worked, with the bags of mushroom compost added.  I haven’t gotten around to that yet either.  Like my sister always says, I haven’t gotten a ’round tuit’.  At one point she actually made me one, ostensibly so I could no longer use that excuse, but that was long ago.  

Since there was a specific request for a picture of our house, from the FRONT.  I went out yesterday afternoon, in the almost-as-hot sunshine, and took several pics.  Just now, expecting them to be in ‘the cloud’, I checked iPhoto, to no avail.  I guess it is too sunny for clouds of any kind.  

Tomorrow both Glenn and I have our “drivers test”.  Just because you’ve had a valid license for many, many years from somewhere else, you have got to take the test again.  It isn’t persecution of just us Canuks, even folks from one of the states next door have to do it!  Dan has warned us that it isn’t easy-peasy, and that we should study AND do all three practice tests.  Neither of us have done anything towards that, so insecure me is going to spend this super hot afternoon learning as much as I can.  

Just to add to our list of woes, it appears that Homeland Security has screwed something up with respects to Glenn’s SSN.  He has had some difficulty each time he has had need to use it, but the most recent is when he tried to apply for a US Home Depot card.  He has had a Canadian HD card for years, and it was well used.  Remember that metal roof we put on the house in Buckham’s Bay?  That went on the HD card, all $18,000 of it!  The US and Cdn cards are separate individuals apparently, so that doesn’t do us any good.  On the past weekend, he wanted to get a BBQ, using what he thought was an easily obtained HD card, but his SSN showed up as being a duplicate! Surely Homeland Security has a foolproof system, and doesn’t issue numbers more than one!  Brings to question:  just how SECURE is Homeland Security, when things like this can happen?


4 thoughts on “Meltdown….! In the temperature sense, that is..

  1. Please, please, please, send a little bit of the sunshine and warmth our way! Not too much, just a little. 15 C would be nice right about now!

    How bizarre about the SSN! Hope you guys can get that fixed ASAP! Doesn’t he need a valid SSN to get paid???


    1. you’d think! Plus, there’s that trip to China, bobbing in the waves! IF that I could, I would surely send some of this weather your way. Peter is NOT liking it, and spends his days laying under the wafts of the ceiling fan. I don’t like his puffing, like he can’t get enough air. He went for his AM walk at 7, but hasn’t stirred since….


      1. I think Peter may need to forego his walks in that weather? I know that Maggie who is his age cannot tolerate walks in any kind of heat now. And even the two young gals find it harder! Why can’t the weather just be moderate…sheesh just last week it was cooler there!!! It’s either too cold to be outside or too hot to be outside…here that is as you remember! hehehe


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