end of week 4…..

It shocks me to realize that we haven’t even been here for a month!  It seems like SO much longer.  We are both feeling slightly more settled, and the critters definitely are!  We have finally convinced Pete the dog NOT to eat cat food, only buy putting their dish on an elevated surface and warning him on risk of death that he not to touch it!  The cats are relieved about that, since he kept their plate shiny clean, which was not exactly what they wanted.

Glenn is fitting in nicely at Apple, and is getting used to having the freedom to order whatever he feels he needs for his office, and his job.  Normally, the admin is asked to order items, after having the request approved by the powers-that-be.  Now, he is getting used to having a rep from Amazon on speed dial!  There are no restrictions, as long as you keep it reasonable.  Ordering quantities that could include your kids’ need for school supplies would be frowned on, but definitely don’t hesitate to get the things you need.  I guess that explains why ALL the engineers have oscilloscopes on their desks, to the tune of $10K each.  Heaven forbid they be expected to SHARE!

The weather here is unremittingly lovely, save for frequent downpours that may or may not have been forecast.  Everyone here knows better than to complain about rain, so it is treated with nary a bit of peeve.  Since both the ground and the atmosphere down here are dry, evaporation is almost immediate.  Queries about whether or not the rain we’ve had since we arrived has eliminated the drought are met with scandalous incredulity.  Of COURSE we are still under a drought, the officials opine.  This wee bit of rain does not offset the virtually snowless winter that has just passed!  Run off from the surrounding mountains is virtually a meagre trickle, compared with the gushing torrents that is the norm.  

Glenn has just been told to dust off his passport once again, since he will be heading to CHINA in early May.  My take is that it is a right of passage, for all new hire engineers.  Glenn disagrees with me, saying that it is just certain individuals that would be of any use to the manufacturing group, should there be problems with the start up of a new product heading into production.  As to what the product is, that is ultra secret, so I cannot know.  Since he no longer talks in his sleep, I guess I’m out of luck.   As is often the case when he used to describe the minutae of what he does, my eyes glaze over.  I have to be careful not to seem disinterested, which I’m not.  I’m just not used to being blocked from company gossip!

Realizing that even though we have been totally tied up with our move, life goes on for the rest of the world.  I got looking at the calendar, and was shocked to see that The Wedding is only a little more than 6 months away!  Since we’re not nearby any more, I asked Karen Kotva, Carolynn’s mom, if she would mind taking care of the menu selection for the rehearsal dinner.  We booked the location, reserved the number of attendees, but didn’t make the menu selections.  She said that she would take care of that, so that’s off my plate of worries!  She also asked if I had made any choices about my dress for the big event, which I have not.  I’m still trying to figure out how to lose the weight I’ve gained since this whole move was added to my to-do list.  Twenty pounds does not just disappear by taking your coffee black!

I have noticed that folks here are very friendly, more so than I ever encountered in my casual daily contacts in Canada.  Every time I take Peter out for his walk, I’ll get stopped for a chat.  Even the clerks in the stores are more like, well, like I WAS, back in the day!  I know customers used to love to come to my lane, as I was always smiling and friendly, which could NOT often be said for most of my coworkers!  Even now, walking on my own, sans dog, if I pass by someone, I’ll smile and say hello.  Even the creepy-scary guy in motorcycle leathers that I passed on my way to the grocery store responded to my greeting.  He stopped, beamed widely at me, showing his hit-and-miss set of teeth, and commented on my cane, saying that it would be handy for beating off wild animals!

I suspect it is just this time of year, but there is always a sweet heady scent as I walk through this neighborhood.  I know that the orange tree in our backyard is still wafting scent, even though the blossoms are almost all turning into fruit.  It’s not that everyone has a tree like this, but there are SO many plants and shrubs coming into bloom that I’d not know where to start in figuring out what’s what!  I saw an ad for the local nursery, saying that they had a new shipment of highly fragrant honeysuckle shrubs.  This is of great interest to me, as we have a space in the backyard that is just crying out for a shrub like this!  Honeysuckles also have  the added advantage of being very attractive to hummingbirds, so that is a win-win!  Since tomorrow is Saturday, I think we’ll head for the nursery first, before we go to Home Depot to choose Glenn’s new BBQ.  At least, that is MY recommendation!


3 thoughts on “end of week 4…..

  1. So you’ve only been in the USA a month and you’re saying us “Canadians” aren’t as friendly?! Harummph! That’s because you last lived nearest to the hell-hole that is Toronto! I was just there for 2 days and couldn’t get out of that downtown fast enough!!


    1. Hi Leann! It is so nice to be able to follow your adventures in California. It sounds like you guys are settling in well. Thanks so much for the yummy fruit cake that you dropped off before you left. We enjoyed it at my last Lunch Bunch. Take Care,


      1. I hope YOU have settled in to your new career just as well! The folks at the MS Society will miss you desperately. I’m glad to have your email now, so I can hunt you down if need be!

        We have to come back to KW to sign off on our house, that will change hands on June 9. We will be in Windsor early next month for my MIL’s 80th surprise birthday party, so will pop up to the lawyer’s office to sign the stuff ahead of time.

        Keep reading, and keep in touch!


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