The remainder of the photo tour!

In between heavy downpours, I went out and finally got some shots of the backyard.  I haven’t planted anything yet, but can hardly wait to dig in the dirt!  I’m also anxious to get some bird feeders, since there are lots of little birds in the surrounding trees, twittering and arguing about whose next goes where.  Obviously they need some food to help build the energy they will need for next building, so that’s where I come in!  Besides, my kitties need something to watch out the copious number of windows on the back of the house!

First, the highlight of the house, the sunroom!ImageThis photo also shows the single door on the right, that leads into Glenn’s study.  There is also a dog door, as yet untried by Pete.  The patio is a great size, and is very level, making my tripping hobby less of a hazard.  I plan on hanging bird feeder, where the two anemic looking flower pots are.

This photo gives you a better idea of the dimensions of the sun room.  I estimate that it is approximately 15×25, but Glenn will undoubtedly disagree.  My ability to ‘guesstimate’ is quite unremarkable!ImageI know these pics of lush green grass must make you question the press that is constantly crying about the drought here, but the fact is that it is real.  Of course, the heavy rainfall over the past few days is doing its best to eliminate it!

ImageThis pic shows the inside of the sunroom, and some of the furniture that the landlady left for us to use as long as we’re there, at no extra charge.  It’s a great place to have a meal, or do some blogging, like right now!  The sofa was part of the set.  The ratty old clawed cat tree came with us from the old country.Image

ImageThis is my beloved orange tree!  Hardly any fruit visible?  That’s because I have already picked everything I can reach!  Higher up in the tree there are still LOTS of oranges!

ImageI know he doesn’t look like much of anything right now, but I’ve been told that come late August, he’s going to be overflowing with ripe juicy apricots!  ImageAgain, a nondescript little tree….but an AVOCADO tree deserves more respect than that!  If you like, call it a guacamole tree…. and this one has dozens of buds on it.ImageHiding behind the avocado we have a guava tree.  This will be a new experience for us, growing something that we are not that familiar with, so how do we tell if it is ripe?

So, there you have it:  the notable features of our new backyard, here in Santa Clara California.  There is still lots of empty space for me to try planting things that intrigue me at the garden center.  I have my heart set on a lemon tree, but we’ll likely have to ask Joy’s permission to plant something like that.  Somehow, I sense she won’t object to that!



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