It’s raining, it’s pouring…..

……and everyone in California is cheering!  Perhaps, at last, the drought will be vanquished, although my understanding is that the drought was all due to the low amount of snow build-up in the surrounding mountains.  The state depends heavily on the run-off  from snow-melt as a major source of moisture.  California has some desert like areas, due to its southern location, its parched neighbors, and the reliance on snow fall in the mountains in the winter.

When we first were driving to San Jose down from San Francisco on the day we flew here, we were surprised how green and lush everything looked, at least to our untutored eyes.  The drought is most evident in the water reservoirs.  These are the emergency back-up that the state counts on as a go-to when water levels plunge.  This includes the treated water that people need,  livestock and crops on farms need, every living thing needs this water!  So, when there is a shortage, who steps in and how is it dealt with?  Hopefully, these showers are Mother Nature’s way of chipping in!

This certainly isn’t the hot, sizzling weather we had been prepared for!  I’m not complaining, of course, since heat is NOT my friend.  But right now, I’m chilly despite my sweater, and I am very disappointed.  There is a garden out there that I promised to attend to, and local garden centers are bloated with stock.  I have the homeowner’s permission to plant whatever I want in the patches of bare ground, so my gardener’s fingers are yearning to plant some exotic plants just to say I’ve grown them!  My yearning for a Lemon Tree may have to take a pass, as they are over a hundred dollars each.  This move has rotted our finances  just to get established.  Since the insurance company that held one of our investments still hasn’t gotten their act together, we have had to take cash advances on our credit cards just to secure this rental home!  Competition for rental properties down here is intense, so we were fortunate to find this one AND be able to secure it, at ‘only’ $3650 per month.

Glenn is going to stop at the vet’s office on his way home to pick up the three cats that we brought with us.  It’s been quite a while since we dropped them and Peter off at the transport kennel, in Toronto, on March 11th.  All of the animals flew down here this past Friday, but on two different flights.  Peter flew first thing in the morning, at 8am, arriving early afternoon.  The cats, on the other hand, we on the next flight, leaving Toronto at 11am, arriving here in the late afternoon.  Peter was delivered to me at our temporary apartment, but since we were restricted to one animal there, the cats have been at the vet’s office here.  They’ll be glad, and probably relieved, to see us!

When I first got Pete back, he was one very jittery dog.  Plus, he HATED the elevator!  Glenn suggested that the sensation might have been similar to what he felt when the plane took off and landed.  He, of course, was in cargo, likely dark, and he wouldn’t have known what was going on!  Plus, he’d been away from us for a couple of weeks, and nothing was familiar to him.  Once we got possession of this house, and our furniture started moving in, things must have started smelling familiar to him, because he brightened right up.  Now, I just have to cope with him following me every step of the day!

I wanted to go out and take some pictures of my yard to attach to this note, but it’s raining too hard.  Perhaps if it clears later, I’ll send out a note with JUST pics in it!




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