Move-in Day…

The moving truck arrived at 750am, and promptly began to unload the contents on the driveway.  We were, as usual, running a few minutes late, and didn’t arrive until 810am.  These past few days have been ones that I would not choose to live through again:  learning to drive on the roads/highways around here, trying to remember routes, trying (and failing) to remember where I dropped Glenn off and where I needed to pick him up, trying…

I am SO tired.  On Friday, I went to the MS Support Group meeting, here in Santa Clara.  Folks were very welcoming, and included me in all the conversations.  This is a VERY organized group, much more so than any I’ve attended.  This is not 100% positive, as some of the attendees obviously needed to discuss things more extensively, but were cut off very efficiently by the ‘moderator’ when she said, ‘time to move on, next participant?’.  The topic of the day was ‘sleep difficulties’.  I felt especially bad for one older gal, who explained what was disturbing her sleep cycles;  she had been in an auto accident with her husband a few weeks ago.  The car was totaled, the other driver was at fault.  He had crossed the median, hit their car, caused it to spin into a concrete wall.  This poor soul, a great grandmother, had tears running down her face!  She couldn’t stop going over the ‘what it’s.

I had to leave a bit early, as my pup Peter was having some ‘digestive issues’ from his ordeal of kennels and plane rides, and being away from us.  As I left, I was stopped by a fellow who said he was one of the original organizers of the group.  He is a retired Apple employee, and was happy to share any gossip that Glenn may not have heard yet.  He thanked me for attending several times, and said that he had been looking forward to meeting me.  Apparently the Office Manager there, Tara, had told him about me moving from Canada, and that I would be joining the group here.  For some reason, he was especially pleased when I arrived, which is always a nice compliment!

Our neighbor across the street, Charles, approached us once again, welcoming us to the neighborhood.  He also mentioned that had his wife, Barbara, done any baking this morning, he’d have a nice welcoming gift for us.  She hadn’t, but he said she would be doing something like that, probably soon.  We thanked him, and I said that she and I would have to compare recipes.  It began to rain, so he shook hands with us, and headed back across the street.  We also met our next door neighbor today.  Simon is an older Chinese gent, and told us that his kids were no longer living at hime, but that they visit.

We had brought a case of water bottles with us this morning, since our history of moving has taught us that these guys get awfully thirsty hauling heavy stuff around.  We had also brought a few kinds of various crackers, and a block of cheddar, so I made a cheese tray for the guys to munch on as they passed through the kitchen.  I also picked four beautiful big oranges, and sliced them for on the plate.  In truth, I was anxious to try these picture perfect orbs for myself!  Very sweet, and very juicy, was everyone’s comment.




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