A day in San Francisco

This was the last day before Glenn leaves me, and moves on to better things.  He starts work at 8am tomorrow, at his beloved Apple Computer.  Since he has been off work for 8 weeks, he is beginning to question himself.  I repeatedly reassure him that he’s just got the jitters, and will find that he slips back in to that familiar groove without even noticing.  He does admit to being rather excited, as well!

Even though we intended to get an early start this morning, our long standing laziness outwitted us.  We arrived at The Embarcadero just before noon, and patiently waded through traffic to the parking garage across from Pier 39.  This particular pier was our primary destination, as it hosts a large contingent of sea lions that are happy to show the general public just how fat, lazy and adorable they are!Image

The main attraction for me in the shopping on this pier is Harry Mason’s jewelry.  Glenn has been a favorite customer there for over 20 years, so they always seem to recognize him.  As a frequent shopper, he gets a discount coupon sent to him every year on his birthday, even though this jewelry is not his style!  I suspect that his motivation in going there today was directly linked to his gratitude for me going along with this adventure.   Now that he is on the starting line of his dream job, I think he realizes that this wouldn’t even be possible if I hadn’t agreed to this huge move.  For the second time, I’ve left behind my dear friends, and once again am starting over.  

Since he is such a noteworthy customer, he was given discounts on the purchase of two pair of earrings, plus my choice of a free pair of smaller costume earrings, plus some discount coupons for other businesses on the pier, including one of the restaurants.  Lunch at the seafood restaurant, at a table overlooking the waterfront, finished our visit off nicely.  A lengthy stroll seemed appropriate after a large mid day meal, as well as provided plenty of material for snapping pictures.Image


The warm sunshine and soft breezes made for a beautiful afternoon on the water, as evidenced by the dozens of sailboats dotting the waves.  Hundreds of people strolled, biked, and roller-skated along this famous waterfront.  The mix of languages was like a hum accented by the shriek and cry of seagulls as they hovered and dove to inspect tidbits left behind by the masses.  



Overseeing the hectic pace, Alcatraz stands as a silent reminder of crime and punishment of long ago.  Although decommissioned many years ago in 1963, its malevolent presence can still cause chills in the visiting tourists.  



Glenn was especially delighted to see the USA’s entrant into the America’s Cup Sailboat Race.  It reminded us of our ride on the True North IV, when we visited the Carribbean a few years back.  It was a tour option on the cruise we were on in the Eastern Caribbean:  we could ‘help’ sail Canada’s entrant in the race, although NOT during the actual race, of course.  It was a wonderfully fun thing to do, and left us with many memories of actually doing the work that one of the crew would do!  



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