Meet the owners!

Since they were having a garage sale anyway, this seemed like an ideal opportunity to stop by to meet the owners of the home we will be renting.  We didn’t have any aspirations on shopping at their sale, but wanted to ask some pertinent questions that Hala had been unable to answer.  I was curious to know the names of various trees that were in the yard, as well as if we could put several large bags of mulch in the back shed.  The mulch was on sale for an excellent price at Lowe’s this week, so why not take advantage of that?  Luckily, Joy and Bill were okay with this, so off we went.

Glenn used this opportunity to check out the barbecues.  Talk about a man-toy!  BBQs speak directly to the caveman in all of them, the hunter’s desire to cook his kill for his family’s feast.  You can almost hear the prehistoric grunting when they stroke and examine these tools.  It gets even more pronounced when another male approaches, offering assistance.  More grunting, nodding, and shuffling ensues. On a good day, this does not lead to a fight to the death.  On an even better day, the second male assists the first with wrestling the large, awkward beast to the first’s cave.  Now THAT is customer service!

Sadly, Glenn can’t seal the deal until we have a cave of our own to take his chosen beast to.  Also, our rental car really isn’t up to hauling this sort of creature, so we’ll have to wait until our own car, Mitzi, has arrived.  We are expecting the arrival to be somewhere between the 9th and the 20th of April.  He’ll have to grit his teeth until then.

The other reason I wanted to stop by the garage sale was to obtain any information I could concerning the identities of the many plants and trees in the yard.  I like to think of myself as a well versed garden guru, but that doesn’t apply to the variety of greenery that flourishes down here!  We were both delighted to learn that two of the trees in the back yard, besides the glorious orange tree, are fruit bearing!  One along the back fence is an apricot, and the other in the corner of the yard is a guava.  Perhaps this is a good time to start googling recipes for guava, although we are told that it doesn’t bear fruit until fall.  Bill also mentioned that the fruit should not be picked; it should be allowed to remain on the tree until it falls off, then it can be picked up and enjoyed at its prime!

The huge tree in the front yard is a hickory, according to Bill.  Both Joy and Hala have warned me that the ‘nuts’ that are currently falling o the driveway are to be avoided.  They don’t crush when stepped on, they simply roll, causing one to slip easily.  Joy also had another name for the tree, but it didn’t make enough sense to me for me to remember it!  Once again, googling seems like the best course of action.  When walking past the boxes of wares they had on their driveway, something caught my eye.  A pie server, etched and cut like tablecloth edging, reminded me strongly of ones I had seen in my grandmother’s collection, many years ago.  I have no idea what may have become of hers, but so strong was the reminder, I stopped.  When I asked Joy how much she wanted for it, she smiled, and said I should consider it a gift for our new home.  

In front of the master bedroom there is a large bush, covered in pink peony-like flowers.  This is a camellia!  I have never seen one before, so I am delighted to meet it!  Between the sidewalk and the garage is a row of rosemary bushes, although the center one is apparently suffering front frostbite.  It has a large hole in the middle, and is quite unattractive, but Joy feels it is starting to recuperate.  Hmm..I guess this means I can’t dig it out, huh?  She did agree with me that the small unidentified bush that is crowding the camellia should possibly be removed, but it wasn’t a strong enough suggestion for me to feel safe in removing it.  Sigh..this whole tenant thing is going to be a challenge for me.

Still, I am very anxious to get moved in.  I have purchased three small packages of perennial seeds, and am anxious to get them started.  Johnny-Jump-Ups, Forget-Me-Nots, and Catnip.  Small stuff, like the pie server, but to me, its like hanging a Welcome sign.  


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