SOLD: 175 Murdock Avenue, Waterloo

Our realtor in Waterloo, Roy Cleeves, just emailed us that our house is officially sold!  The conditions were just removed, and it is now sold, with a June 9th possession date.  This means that it will sit empty for the next 3 months, but the realtor has agreed to stop by it periodically, for insurance purposes.

So a fond farewell goes out to the little old house that we called home for a few years.  The buyers are a young couple, and this will be their first home purchase.  Enjoy!  There are no malevolent ghosts, only the original homeowner.  Edna wafts through periodically, making nary a sound.   Her presence is an ethereal, but comforting, warmth.  You’ll not mind her, and she’ll not mind you.

Lace Vine on the back of Murdock  house
Lace Vine on the back of Murdock house

One thought on “SOLD: 175 Murdock Avenue, Waterloo

  1. And they lived happily ever after!!!! Look at how nicely things are falling into place! Just like dominos! It was meant to be!!! Enjoy your time there!


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