Signed, sealed and will be delivered March 29th

This afternoon, we met up with Dan, and Hala.  While doing a walk-about at the house, we were able to do some measuring, and take lots of pictures.  Most of our orange tree was heavily laden with blossoms, so the soft, warm air was redolent with the sweet scent.  A gentle breeze wafted casually across the yard, demonstrating what the biggest joy of this new home will be for me.  This lazy wind is rather absentminded, as it demonstrates by its inconsistently varying direction.

Hala explained to us that Joy, the homeowner, is absolutely delighted that she is to have such great, caring tenants, so is quite agreeable to our requests.  The pale gold carpet that covers the living and dining areas can most likely be removed and stored, allowing us to use the hardwood floors underneath.  Depending on their condition, we will possibly have to have them refinished and a new layer of clear coat applied.  We decided that the rug in the bedrooms can stay, and we will purchase some clear matting to cover the floor in the study/cat box room.  I decided to hold off on my request to have the gas lines extended to the kitchen, as the painfully outdated electric range is serviceable for now.  Since the summer is upon us momentarily, the addition of a new BBQ is more valuable.  The stove won’t likely be used much for the next few months anyway!

When we stopped at Barnes and Noble, I took the opportunity to look for a book on gardening for birds.  I found one that was exactly what I wanted, so am happily going through the pages of plant suggestions.  Joy apparently doesn’t mind if I want to plant some extra shrubs for the enjoyment of birds and wildlife alike, so that is all the encouragement I needed!  Now, to schedule a trip to a garden centre…

Despite my fortune at picking the two oranges, I forgot them!  I left them behind at the house.  Not to worry, the oranges won’t go to waste.  The homeowner will be there this weekend, as she is running a garage sale, hoping to sell off the unwanted household goods that still remain.  The only pieces that we asked to remain were a round glass table and four chairs, a wood frame sofa, and a matching recliner.  These pieces were in the sunporch, and seemed totally appropriate for the space.  We look forward to incorporating them into our lifestyle, and are especially pleased that Joy is willing to leave them behind at no extra charge.



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