slowly californiating

Yesterday, Dan picked us up at 8am to take Glenn to apply for a Social Security Number.  His visa allows/requires this, but mine doesn’t.  He has a TN visa, but as his spouse, I have a TD visa.  Although it isn’t what it actually stands for, it basically is for someone who cannot work here, so is ‘totally dependent’.  A bit of a diss, but I’m learning to use these advantages to my benefit!

A couple of pics from our drive with Dan, showing all the worthwhile day trip material!


The following pics were taken last evening when we strolled around our temporary housing area.

IMG_1168IMG_1177IMG_1174Today has accumulated its own set of to-do items.  We need to find a kennel for the cats to stay at until we get possession of a rental house.  Plus, since Hazel is on the thyroid meds, we need a vet that will continue to provide these, at least until other treatments can be investigated.  Our vet in Waterloo told us that some clinics in the states are ‘selectively irradiating’ the overactive thyroid gland that is causing the pet to be unwell.  They meds are not expensive, and Hazel is a very compliant pill taker, so we would have to be convinced to put her through any ordeal.

When we first got up this morning, the air was quite crisp, sending Glenn in search of his fleece jacket!  It is 61F and sunny, but that translates to 18C but hotter in the sun.  Locals here are very respectful of what the sun can do as travels across its springtime path.  I mentioned the cooler air as being somewhat unexpected when I chatted with Hala, the rental agent, earlier today.  She snickered, and told me to ‘just wait’.  It’s only March, a fact easily forgotten when one is surrounded by palm trees.

Glenn is searching through the ads posted online by various kennels.  Some cautionary notes by clients warn of ‘different people’ coming to your home to care for your pets, due to subcontracting of in-home caregivers.  For our situation, this is not an option, as we need to have them board somewhere, until we get possession of the house.  Our current digs are okay for ONE pet, which will be Peter.  I am SO anxious to get him back with us!  He is an excellent excuse for numerous walks per day!


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