South of sensibility

Great minds are way overtired, so some things were overlooked when packing.  This is the mall that is walking distance from the house we looked at yesterday.  It is like Rideau Centre on crack, with tons of high end stores.  It was embarrassing to wander thru such regal wares, wearing a tshirt with NO bra!

California wears springtime well!  The recent dash of rain was just enough to encourage flowering trees to blossom, and deciduous trees to spurt burgeoning little green nubs.  While my knowledge of plants here is somewhat limited, I always thrill to see familiar foliage. I proudly exclaimed to all and sundry the presence of nasturtiums, in the back yard of the house we were viewing yesterday.  Mildly tolerant smiles were the only response I got, but no matter.  I was there, in the moment, with the nasturtiums. All was well with my world.

We just heard from the rental agent of the house on Crestview, aka MY HOUSE.  She reassured us that there were currently NO other applications in process, so right now we are in a good spot.  When I try to consider this home rationally, I find that my emotions push forward, and eliminate any logical reasoning that comes up.  NO, it isn’t my ideal layout, but it is quite functional and efficient.  NO, the pale rug isn’t my first choice, or even my second or third, but it can be accommodated by simply training ourselves to separate INDOOR from OUTDOOR shoes.  At each doorway we will have to have two sets of footwear, and never the twain shall meet!  This is something we should have embraced years ago, but laziness is a handicap that we’ve known would hound our lives throughout our years.  At the heart of the matter is the ‘feel’ of the neighborhood.  We have never, in all of our years of home ownership, felt a kinship with our neighbors that could transcend the mere physical proximity or our houses.  Our desire for this is keen, and our need for this connection quite insurmountable.  I do believe we have found it in Santa Clara, on Crestview Avenue.  At least, we hope so.

It is now 8pm here in Silicon Valley.  The sun has set, taking with it the heat of the warm afternoon sunshine.  We have the balcony door propped open, allowing the cool evening air to ease in.  The astonishing lack of mosquitos is a luxury we had not had in Ontario!  We have been warned, however, that fleas are a universal issue here, so clearly our animals will have to be protected from that!  As well, at this particular time of year, the stinging insect population is in perpetual party mode!  Blossoms, buds and blooms make for a burgeoning buffet for these buzzing beasties!  It is a short lived period, but disquieting to gardeners nonetheless.  

Perhaps tomorrow will provide me with a few moments to take some pics around our temporary digs, here in San Jose.  Ah, springtime!

With that, I will call it a day, and bid you well.


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