The week ahead

We are back for our whirlwind tour of goodbyes. We spent last evening with Ryan and Carolynn, watching Weebles start to become acclimatized to her new home on the eleventh floor of a downtown condo. I think their two cats, ten year old siblings Leto and Alia, will eventually welcome her into the fold. The fact that she comes with two bags of plastic springs will probably help, as those springs are a favourite cat toy!

Next adventure for today is to get my long stringy hair cut and styled by Maestro Frank. He is a friend of long standing, and is very much looking forward to hearing about our upcoming adventurous move to CA. He will feign disgust when he sees me, as I haven’t had a decent haircut since I left Ottawa, at least according to him! Before my 10:30 appointment however, I need to get some earrings. Even with all my beautiful earrings, especially Harry Mason ones, I omitted packing any for this trip! Since Frank will be cutting my hair quite short, I really NEED a pair of fashionista earrings to make the cut really look good. I would love to have the chutzpa to convince Glenn that by agreeing to make his Apple dreams come true, HE is in my debt, so diamond studs would not be out of line. However, knowing that we could get them much cheaper in the US, even I can be sensible. I’ll wait, but that by no means deletes the debt!

I found out many years ago that my old faithful Tabi customer, Margaret, had switched her shopping haunt to the TanJay store in Carlingwood. Generally, she liked to shop during the week, and leave the weekend craziness to younger folks, but I still hold out a naive hope that I might run into her there. At one point, I found her address, and mailed her a note, telling her that (at that point) I was to be found at the TanJay store in the Hazeldean mall, so she should come and visit me there! NO response, and no sign of her. The last time I actually saw her was when she visited me at Northern Reflections when she was out shopping with her daughter. At that time, they both counselled me to get out of retail, and retire. They could see how the hours of standing were wearing me down.

ONE WEEK from today, we will be in the Toronto airport, making our way through US immigration. It is apparently a lengthy, tedious process, but its just a step in the process. Our final Canadian step, that transforms us diehard Canuks into Resident Aliens of the USA.


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