Epilogue to Ottawa

Our visit was all too short, but was packed with smiles, and the only occasional tears. All of my dear friends looked exactly the same, as if kept in stasis, while I showed the stresses of the past few months in the etching on my face. Ottawa as grown here and there, with scattered development desperately trying to keep things in order. With the new caveats encouraging increased density within the existing city limits, sunlight is being blocked by the intense verticality of the landscape. The city fathers appear to have received large collections of Lego blocks, enabling civilization to become taller and slimmer.

Bayshore Mall, my old haunt, seems to be precariously perched on postage stamp. The end where my old Eaton’s store used to be has experienced a significant bloat, almost like it is holding its breath, with solidly puffed cheeks. As the old tennants are being squeezed out, large American stores are dotting the profile of the sleepy old mall. Case in point; Joseph’s Hair Salon has chosen to pull out, as their rent has doubled to $50,000 per month. Their profit margin simply cannot handle this increase! The owner, our old buddy Frank, has chosen to focus to focus his efforts on the Carlingwood location, which for the time being, is not entertaining these new high end clientele.

I had an absolutely wonderful time at Sue and Chris’s place last eveing. It was SO nice to catch up on all of the chatter, and hear how everyone is doing. Bev’s hubby, Doug, has managed to secure a full time position in Kanata, which will be a welcome change from his ususal contract jobs! Chris is having an increasingly difficult time, providing him with more challenges, as MS is wont to do! He did manage to get down and up the basement stairs without too much trouble, but it wasn’t long after that he chose to call it a night. I admire him tremendously, for his fortitude in battling MS’s random assaults on his mind and body. THAT, in itself, is absolutely exhausting!

Glenn seems to have enjoyed meeting up with an assortment of his previous coworkers and buddies. Catching up is always enjoyable, hearing what challenges and triumphs the past few years have shown them. None of them were surprised that Glenn has finally achieve his ultimate career goal, of working for Apple. They all felt that it will put a very worthy postscript on his career, and that he will enjoy this stage of his life tremendously. He invited each of them to please contact him should they find themselves in the Bay Area at any time in the future, and another meet up will be improvised!


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