WE have amassed quite a to-do list for this tail end of our Canadian life.

1. call Scotiabank and ask them to clear the loan off the car, in-preparation
for its transport on Friday.

2. call our GP’s office for appointments to get printouts of our prescriptions to take with us

3. contact a rescue to take the two remaining cats not going with us: JennyFur, and either Ditto OR Rose.

4. go through the stuff in the back room of the basemtn, sorting it into piles: keep, donate, toss

5. pack a suitcase full spring/summer stuff to take on the plane, that we will live out of for several weeks!

6. pack a box/bin of heavier winter coats and boots, to be shipped and put in storage, with a few sheets of Bounce

7. Figure out meal plans for our remaining 2 or 3 days, to make the cupboard sort easier

8. visit the Bay to cash in points, then mail various points to the kids

9. remind Evan and Claire to set up an RESP for Willa, so we can send them contributions periodically, and they can get the govt top ups


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