Best of intentions

During this insanely crazy period of time, I had planned to be much more meticulous in updating this blog.  I figured that this period of time would fall somewhere between horrifyingly stressful and wildly fun and exciting.  Turns out, I was correct.  

Each and every day, during the past two weeks, things have either been frighteningly disastrous, making us cringe and fret, worrying that the upset would never right itself.  Despite the fact that there is an entire department of Apple that is working behind the scenes to ensure that everything gets done, enabling us to theoretically ease out of  being Canadian citizens AND residents.  Our new identities will still be Canadian citizens, but residency becomes American, giving us the titles of Registered Aliens.  We joke about having ten days before we sprout little antennae, but it is actually a much more serious situation.  

We don’t get our visas until we arrive at the Toronto airport, early Saturday morning on March 15th.  Luckily, Glenn is in charge of making sure that we have all necessary paperwork, needed forms filled out, umpteen pieces of ID in our possession.  We will be fingerprinted, which to us feels like a criminal process, but it is to enable the US to keep track of us.  You just don’t know what kind of trouble you could cause by apologizing incessantly!  

Today, we finally got the pet transport details cleared up.  Getting this all nailed down was Glenn’s responsibility, since the folks at Apple are really only dealing with him.  We are to take them all (one dog, 3 cats) to their temporary kennel in Toronto on Tuesday March 11th.  They will stay there until they are booked to fly to California, on Wednesday March 26th.  Peter the dog flies first, leaving on the early morning flight.  The three cats follow on the next flight, at noon.  When Peter’s flight lands, he will be ‘processed’, and delivered to our temporary accommodations.  Glenn will be at work, his 3rd day, but I’ll be waiting for our pup.  When the cats are through customs, they will be taken to their new kennel, where they will remain until our furniture arrives, and we can move into our more permanent home.

Our furniture has been sorted through, with only the best loved pieces going with us.  Since the homes that we’ll be looking at all have both living rooms and family rooms, the sofa and two recliners going with us will be placed in the family room.  This means that at some point, we’ll be shopping for living room furniture.  Our large glass dining table will go with us, as well as the six black leather chairs, even though they are starting to show their age.  Our bedroom furniture is NOT going with us.  Our IKEA dressers suffered badly in the move down here, so much so that we’re leaving them for the junk collection that will take place on the Friday before we leave.  The same is true for our stained king-sized mattress.  We’e decided to switch back to queen sized, so all of the king sized bedding was washed and packed up for the MS Garage Sale.  

Obviously, we can’t replace all of these items in one shopping trip!  We’ll use the bed from the guest room for the time being, at least until we hear of company on the way.  All of our clothes are going to be packed in cardboard boxes, or Rubbermaid bins, so we’ll be literally living out of boxes for the time being.  One of the houses I saw on the rental site today was minutes away from a HomeGoods store, which is the American equivalent of HomeSense, my favorite place to shop!  

This whole process will likely take at least a month.  Yes, it is unbelievably exciting, and terrifying at the same time.   I know that this period of time is one that I will revisit in my mind many, many times, so this is going to have to serve as my diary.  



2 thoughts on “Best of intentions

  1. It’s an adventure! Scary yes but it would appear that Apple is making most of the processes much easier! Who wouldn’t want to work for a company like that???
    You will be sitting outdoors sipping a glass of vino and thinking ‘wow in no time!


  2. Every day, we try to accomplish something towards our move, but more often than not, I’m sitting here with my laptop, wondering what it was that I thought I should be doing!
    Today, we went and used up our coupon at a local craftsman’s shop, and got two trellises and a bird bath base. Obviously, things that NEEDED to be done!
    Now, I think I’ll go pack some clothes that we may never use again!


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