We have less than two weeks left in Canada.  Every day has an extensive to-do list, that may or may not be written down anywhere.  This means that there is little chance that will all get done in the allocated time.  However, I have been seriously neglecting my blog, meaning that I have not properly purged my mind of worry and whining.  This means that this chapter may be chock full of this sort of thing, so run while you can!

There may already be a house for us in San Jose.  The big problem is that the homeowner was interviewing other prospective tenants on the weekend, despite me having sent him a glorious glowing letter about how wonderful we are, and what an advantage it would be for him to choose us.  The agent that Apple provided to help us scope out possible homes was delighted that I basically have done all of his work for him by spending copious time on Zillow, a main realty site in California.  I am on this site EVERY morning, checking out any new postings, and then again in the evening, since they are 3 hours behind us.  Most of the private homes that I sent him the URL for were no longer available or not open to pets, with the exception of ONE.  The main problem is that when listings come up, they are often gone that day.  We do have the safety net of our free month at a furnished apartment hotel, courtesy of Apple, luckily.  As well, all of the commercial condos accept pets, so that would be an option if we ran out of time.  However, back to the ONE that I found…

Dan, our on site agent, went to the house during the open house this past weekend.  He spoke to the homeowner, who was at least willing to hear us out.  The home has been completely redone in the past year, with hardwood everywhere, and the front yard completely xeriscaped.  It has four bedrooms, and all new appliances included, except washer/dryer.  The location is excellent, with shopping within and easy walk and a reasonable commute for Glenn of about 20 minutes.  If he prefers to commute using the free Apple bus, he simply has to walk to the pickup point, which is likely the mall down the street.  ImageImage


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