Laying it out, in point form

Today was a busy day.  At 11am, the stager showed up.  I would love to know what her first impression was of the random mayhem that is our current status.  Though it clearly wasn’t necessary, I mentioned that we had not staged the place in the slightest, as of yet.  She snickered, which was probably the kindest reaction I could expect.  She then wandered through our house, making copious notes as she went, and occasionally grabbing a decorative piece as she want.  She chose our tv stand/electric fireplace as where she would put the items that she selected that she wanted to use for her final staging, just before the photo arrived to do the pictures for the listing.  

“Don’t touch these things,” she admonished, “I need to use them.”

A sarcastic snippet sprung to mind, about those same things being MINE and I’d touch them if I bloody wanted to, but I pursed my lips instead.  She wasn’t charging us, as she was here at the behest of our agent.  As she moved on to the kitchen, she told me to empty the large baskets I use for storage, and place them in the center of each of the shelves in the black metal shelves.  The stainless steel ones would have to go, as they did not meet with her design aesthetic.  

The shelves in the kitchen cupboards would all have to be repainted.  Yes, I had suggested that months ago, but met with Glenn’s usual steely resistance.  The color that this lady wants us to repaint with is a milk chocolate brown!  NO!!  I’m with Glenn on that one.  How many coats of paint would it take to get a nice finish on old white cupboards?  I asked her that, and she shrugged diffidently.  

“Shouldn’t take more than 2 or 3…..”

When we spoke with our realtor after she departed, I expressed concern about the shade selected for the cupboards.  The shade was okay with the sunlight streaming through the windows, but that isn’t always the case at this time of year.  My concern that the darkness of the color would make the room gloomy on a more drab day was acknowledged.

 “It’s still YOUR house and YOUR decision, “, Roy assured us.  

The thought of undertaking what would inevitably be such a massive endeavor  weighed heavily on our tired slumped shoulders.  He then smiled broadly and said that we might not have to do anything at all with the kitchen!  He has a couple for whom he has been searching for a bungalow, with a large two car garage, and a big lot.  He had mentioned them when we first met with him, and he apparently still has them on speed dial.  He suggested he might bring them over on Friday for a quick preview, even though our house won’t go up for sale until February 24th.  Even then, we are holding off offers until March 3rd, since Roy feels we have a good chance at getting multiple offers.  

There is really nothing much on the market at this point, and certainly no 3 bedroom bungalows with 2 car garages and huge backyards.  If Roy’s clients are interested, they can do what is known as a ‘bully offer’, and grab it before it even goes on the market.  These are not unheard of, but are usually in markets much more competitive than ours!  Even if these folks put in a bully, it doesn’t mean that we are obligated to take it.  We can still hold off until the 3rd in hopes of getting more money, but right now, getting it all over with would likely win hands down!



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