An inch at a time

Almost everyone that knows me would not be surprised to learn that I am on the website for rentals in Silicon Valley EVERY day of my life.  So clearly I am able to see an odd trend developing.

Of the dozens and dozens of listings of rental homes priced at 2000 per month, and up, there are some rather questionable properties.  Some look like they would ordinarily be on the foreclosures list, recently vacated by a bitter owner.  For the most part, though, they are quite acceptable houses, once you get past the idea of paying that much money to rent a house!

Lately though, there is the occasional nice looking home being listed at $900 per month!  There must be something that the photos don’t show…  Perhaps infestations of cockroaches, or fleas, or just plain bad smells?  I suspect that this is why you are strongly advised NOT to rent someplace, sight unseen!  Sometimes its not so much what the pictures show, its what they DON’T show!

We just got a note telling us that the relocations department at Apple would be phoning next Tuesday morning.  They sent a selection of what could be discussed at this time, like their offer to assist with finding us a house to rent.  Clearly, they don’t know me!  They will also provide us with a more precise timeframe for what we’re doing when, which would definitely be a relief to me.  Right now, I just keep looking around and wondering WHAT I’m supposed to do, and WHEN I should do it.  I desperately need a chart, with tasks listed by time and location.  Even then, I would likely misplace such a chart, or accidentally pack it.

That’s just the way it goes these days…..


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