Animal Farm goes to the vet

Everyone that we are planning to take to California with us got their shots today.  That’s the price they HAD to pay in order to satisfy the folks at customs, homeland security, and that sort.  The cats all came home with us, but Peter stayed behind for a ‘spa treatment’.  The vet techs planned to relieve him of the extra fur that he WILL NOT let us brush out of his coat.  Everyone there thought he was just the sweetest dog, so I hope he doesn’t do anything to dissuade them of this!

The clinic reserved the entire morning to give everyone the one over, and give out necessary vaccines.  In checking Hazel over, the vet quickly determined that she had greatly enlarged thyroid glands.  Since this is characteristic of hyperthyroidism, it explains why she has gotten so boney of late!  Blood was drawn, and we’ll get the results tomorrow.  It is easily treated with medication, or for a more permanent fix, some clinics give the gland a zap of radiation, resetting its function.  The clinic here doesn’t have the required equipment, but we may find one in California.  Meanwhile, she’s gonna do drugs.

Not surprisingly, may of our kitties need dental work.  The worst of the bunch was JennyFur, who had a couple broken teeth, and several just plain rotten ones.  Since we are hoping to re-home her to a local barnyard, we may have to pay big bucks to get her fixed up to make her more appealing to a prospective farmer.  As well, Hazel has ONE tooth, but its nasty.  The vet suggested that with ‘just wee whiff’ of anesthetic, it would just pop out, since it is very loose.  This sounds dead simple, but even dead simple costs money.  We just spent $1500 getting everyone flight ready, and at that they all got a paw-dicure for free!  

The vet asked if we would let her do blood work on Peter, since he’s a senior gent at age 13, but we just couldn’t face another $200 for that.  As it is, I’ll have to pay a couple of additional charges for ‘fecal occult’ tests, when I drop off some samples when I go to pick Pete up from his brush-up.  Feeling a wee bit of stress when faced with a $1500 bill this morning,  I asked an innocent question.  

“If I am giving you the samples, should you not be paying me, instead of the other way around?



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