When should I start the countdown?

Having discussed the issues with banking between here and the USA, we did as the fellow at the bank recommended.  Since the US banking system doesn’t recognize TFSA (tax free savings account), I closed mine out.  They also don’t recognize RESP’s (registered educational savings plan), but I held back from collapsing that account.  I started that for Willa, my 20 month old granddaughter, having had first hand knowledge of how miserable paying off educational loans can be!  You work hard, go to university, work even harder, get a job, work harder yet, and start paying off the thousands of dollars in debt you accrued in order to get there!  I decided that if there was any way I could help Willa avoid, or at least mitigate, that future pain, I was going to do it!  

Once again, our real estate agent has advised us to NOT put the tankless hot water tank in the basement.  We have now gotten two quotes for installing the one we brought down from Ottawa, and $2000 seems to be the going rate.  Roy said that we wouldn’t realize any additional value from installing it, but we would likely find it very easy to sell on Kijiji.  Hmmm..spend two thousand dollars, or score about eight hundred dollars….tough call, but I think we’ll do as recommended.  

This morning we bought twelve boxes of laminate flooring to replace the old flooring in two bedrooms.  Currently Glenn is sanding the patches he put on the walls on the main floor, in preparation for painting this afternoon.  We have just barely enough of the paint we originally chose for the living room, a pale tan that is actually from the ‘whites’ collection of  colors.  The first room we painted was the new bathroom downstairs in the basement, but we forgot how much paint new wallboard can absorb!  It took TWO full gallons to do that little 6X8 room!  Hopefully the remaining gallon of that color will be sufficient for our living room, and main hallway.  If not, the hallway can be done in the same color as the bedrooms that run off of it, which is a pale grey-green.  

Tomorrow is our big veterinary ‘adventure’.  We have an appointment made for 9am, for Rose, Hazel, Alfie, Filly, JennyFur, and Ditto, as well as Peter the dog.  Everyone has to be up to date on their vaccinations in order to go to California with us.  There are 2 members of our cat family that are not going with us:   Weebles, our little white cat that has Cerebellar Dysplasia, and Melvin, our very elderly fellow that is blind, and quite senile.  Weebles will be going to Ottawa to live with Ryan and family, but Melvin will be going ‘over the bridge’.  He is too old and likely ill to even consider passing inspection at customs, and the trip would do him in.  We’ll wait until the last minute to send him off, as he is quite enjoying life, in his own way.  He eats well, uses the cat box, and has even started playing with the  jingle balls that are everywhere in our house!  

I personally am getting much calmer about this whole endeavor.  With constant admonishments of ‘one day at a time’, and ‘you will be just fine’, I’m starting to believe it.  I’ll feel a bit better once Apple contacts Glenn and starts to give him more of the details of this move, from their perspective.  I do know that they are providing business class tickets for our flight!  That will probably be the last time I get to fly first class, but I’ll absorb and enjoy every minute of it!  Meanwhile, we stopped on our way home and picked up a bundle of 3 cubic foot boxes at UHaul, so I can start packing my unbreakable items like bakeware and plastics.  

We currently have over two feet of snow on our front lawn, and the forecast is for a total of another six inches this week.  REALLY?  This is Waterloo, NOT Ottawa!  The weatherman needs a refresher course in geography, as this quantity of snow is standard for the more northerly locale.  The ads on TV look for commiseration on poor Vancouver’s lack of needed snow cover, as this is affecting the local ski hills.  Trade ya!



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