They must be SO proud

It is quite unbelievable to me that an organization in this day and age can treat its employees so shabbily, and yet walk away from their dirty deeds unscathed.  The most putrid of their deeds was ‘laying off’ a 55 year old man, and only offering him severance of 3 weeks pay.  He is a professional engineer,  but they think that he can find another professional job, on NO notice, in just three weeks?  The current economy in this area does not support this idea.  

He was blindsided by this conniving action of the new VP, who has brought in more and more of his cronies from his ex employer.  Not surprisingly, the new staff replaces more than one of the company’s staff over the age of 50.  Coincidence?  Could age based discrimination be at the root of this changeover?  

Not surprisingly, this company is one of the Golden Children of the University of Waterloo.  Start Ups here seem to enjoy a hallowed  sense of protective entitlement when it comes to corporate conscience and responsibility.  There seems to be little chance of a fair shake in this rarefied environment!



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