The Whole Package

The written version of the jaw-dropping verbal offer he got from Apple is winging its way here, and is expected to arrive late today.  The time frame for our move is just starting to sink in.  They want him to start work in early April, so working backwards, we would be moving in mid March.  That would give us a month to look around to find a place to live, meanwhile living on Apple’s tab.  Mid March is just 5 weeks away!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It will take Glenn that long to finish up on painting, replacing floors that need it, and doing the various little finishing touches.

The animals we plan to take need to have their vaccinations up to date 30 days ahead of departure.  We have an appointment for that on Tuesday next week.  Also, they will be going to a kennel in Oakville, staying until their departure date in late March/early April, after we have found a pet friendly home for us all.  

Arrangements have already been made for the ones not going with us.  Weebles is moving to Ottawa to live with Carolynn, Ryan, Leto and Alia.  Filly is either going to move in with a friend of mine who lives in an apartment here, moving in With Claire and Evan, or possibly going with us.  I’m hoping to find a friendly farm for JennyFur, as she much prefers to be outside than be a house cat!  The techs at our new vet’s office all live on farms, so…  Melvin Stuart is 17 yrs old, going blind, and is quite senile.  He’ll be going over the bridge in a couple of weeks.  That leaves us with Peter the dog, Rose, Hazel, Alfie, Ditto Delilah.  In truth, it would be oh so much easier not to have to factor in the critters in this move, but we just can’t part with them.  They are family, after all.

Glenn is currently pulling art off of the walls, and patching nail holes.  I have GOT to get up and start doing something, but my mind is in a tailspin.  I know, since we’re not taking our king sized mattress, I can package up most of the bedding I have on hand, and put it with the stuff going to the MS Society for their garage sale.  

You will notice my blogs becoming shorter, and more scattered, which is exemplary of my state of mind.  My focus is totally random, as I try to grasp the sheer enormity of moving from good ol’ Ontario Canada to California USA, something which I swore I would never ever do.


3 thoughts on “The Whole Package

    1. good to know! whereabouts in CA are you headed? We need to be somewhere in Silicon Valley, the closer to Apple the better! I guess that means pricey Cupertino would be HIS first choice, but we’ll see.
      We just got an email from the recruiter, telling us that our target dates have changed. NOW they want him to start work there on March 24th! When you count backwards, this means that we’re leaving here on or around March 10th.


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