The crawling of the hours…

Despite his feeling that Josh would be calling earlier this week, CA is depressingly silent.  Despondency is coming off of him is waves.  He has even started applying for other jobs that may or may not interest him.  Fear is a great motivator, as we are now without drug coverage OR income.  Its amazing how open minded you can be when your only requirement is income!

To reinforce this new insecurity is the lawyer letter HE got today from Aeryon.  They have spared no expense, hiring a top-drawer legal firm (Gowlings) to refute his request for a more appropriate settlement.  He has an appointment with his own lawyer tomorrow afternoon, so she will fire back her own haughty missive.  A war of words, dripping with sarcasm and blistering rhetoric, will ensue, I’m certain.  He had hoped that we wouldn’t have to take this to court.  I suspect that was naive.  

Last evening, I discovered the job for which he has applied at Apple back on the open positions list.  I was heartsick just thinking about it, which I did throughout most of last night.  When I mentioned this to him this evening, we looked again, and discovered that there were actually SEVERAL of these postings! He credits this to the earlier comment from Josh that this department was poised to grow, and grow quickly.  In fact, the original position that they wanted him for is now there again, again supporting the growth theory.  I feel slightly mollified, but am still anxious.  

The reno process continues.  After a lengthy meeting with our State Farm Insurance agent, we arrived home to discover the email containing the vaguely offensive lawyer letter that we had NOT been expecting.  That served to take the wind out of our sails of enthusiasm for painting.  Glenn installed the new lights in the new bathroom, whilst I tried to settle my lurching stomach.  

These days seem to slump into each other, not having the impetus or interest to achieve  individuality.  The weather enforces this by not observing the need for change, instead languishing in extremes.  Using the groundhog for an excuse, it seems resigned to letting dreams of daffodils fall to the frozen tundra.  

Sorry for being such a downer, but with everything that is (and ISN’T) going on, February is just a bit more than I can handle right now.


One thought on “The crawling of the hours…

  1. I don’t blame you for being “down” – that is a very long wait — the uncertainty of it all!!
    Hope you get some good news soon.


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