What the %$#??

When I arrived home from my meeting yesterday at 1:30pm, I heard noises coming from the basement.  Then, the table saw started with its demandingly shrill whine, followed by Glenn appearing at the bottom of the stairs.  He shrugged sheepishly when I asked what he was doing home, then said,

“Well, my suspicions were right.  I just got laid off.”

The shock nearly knocked me over.  I had no idea that this suspicion was simmering in his mind, as he certainly didn’t tell me!  That in itself is unusual, as he normally tells me  E V E R Y T H I N G.  I suppose he was trying to quell his own worries, and protect me from this ugly possibility.  This is the second time he’s been through this;  the last one being in 2005 when Altera decided to part company with their Canadian office, starting with the director.

He had mentioned to me late last week that he was curiously missing from the staff project roster.  We assumed it was likely just a clerical error.  Apparently it wasn’t.  

As well, he won’t likely be the last staffer to be walked to the door.  The VP Operations, Marnie, has had the humiliating experience of watching the two new staff members (buddies of the guy that was hired as VP Engineering, the job that Glenn was told was his) that are replacing her come in, push her aside, and immediately take over her various roles.  She is now a desk jockey, crossing t’s and dotting i’s.  

The next potential guy on the chopping block is an engineering staffer that worked for Glenn named Dale.  He sent an email this morning asking if he could meet him for coffee, asap.  Sure, no problem, anytime.  What do you suppose he wants to tell him?  I suggested to Glenn that he bring him to Apple with him, but he has two small kids, so the timing probably isn’t right.  

Tomorrow morning there he has an appointment with an employment lawyer.  He doesn’t figure he can demand an increase in payout, since they are well within the legal guidelines, but he would like a legal opinion as to what his options might be.

The next 24 hours should bring quite the boatload of information.  Am I excited, wishing on a star, crossing my fingers til they cramp?  

Perhaps, as soon as I decide exactly what I’m hoping for.




One thought on “What the %$#??

  1. You have filled in the gaps…I was a bit confused, being in Mexico city 15 days, then London another 15…Things are finally clear!! xoxo


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