Valuable Legal Opinion

Glenn returned from his visit with the lawyer feeling quite chuffed.  In her opinion, he, as a senior engineer fell under the category of ‘professional’, which entitled him to a larger sum when ‘ dismissed without cause’, as was the case in this situation.  She also stated that he had been in the position of ‘constructive dismissal’ at least THREE times during his tenure with Aeryon, which would have entitled him to seek damages, had he decided to simply walk out at any one of those points.

She also suggested that if they balked as his demand for financial amendments to his settlement, she would be happy to write a letter to motivate them.  As well, she said that in her experience, taking a case like this to Small Claims Court would most likely end in success for the plaintiff (Glenn), as there has been great precedent established in this city.  She stated that the magistrates here are getting rather peeved with the high-tech high-rollers thinking that they can have their own way, simply because of the prestige that they feel they have brought to the area!  I would rather it didn’t come to court, as I do NOT feel that the whole process would be in the best interests of his general health and well being, but as Dad would say, “sufficient unto the day….”.  We shall see.  He has put a call in to Pete, who is the VP Finanace, and we are waiting to hear from him.  Glenn theoretically has until the end of today to either accept or reject the compensation offer, and his message he left for Pete said REJECT, based on legal advice.

Isn’t my life exciting?  


2 thoughts on “Valuable Legal Opinion

  1. For sure – stand up for the rights of a professional worker – sue if necessary! The small pittance that Glenn was offered was an insult. Good Luck and hang in there!!!


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