Little things …

In the long list of things to do in preparation for a potential major move, I have accomplished very little.  At least that is my armchair assessment as I look around my chock-full living room, since it is still at the bursting at the seams level of furnishing.  My excuse, officially, is that I’m not made of the stuff needed to move a solid oak cabinet out of the room and down the stairs.  I have mentioned it to Glenn, suggesting that the room would appear much bigger if the large dark cabinet her made took a slight vacation somewhere else.  As usually happens, he’s not convinced that it would make a sufficient enough difference to merit the level of effort required to move it!  Since our house in Carp was ‘professionally’ staged, (at a huge cost to us!) he knows well the required level of sparsity to achieve this feeling of spaciousness.  Still, he balks, changes the subject, and mentally wanders off into the dark hole that is his laptop.

Two of our current members of the cat family have been chosen by family members to make the easier trip to homes elsewhere in Ontario.  First, Weebles, our 5 year old disabled girl, will be moving back to the Ottawa area, to live with our son Ryan, daughter in law Carolynn, and their two senior cats Leto and Alia.  They have a spacious tenth floor apartment in downtown Ottawa, and they are hoping that Wee’s playfulness rubs off on their two.  

Filly, the senior stray that we took in when with the rescue, has charmed anyone and everyone she has met.  Her front leg is permanently crooked due to her having been shot with buckshot, many years ago.  Our vet advised us that the leg was still of value to her, as it kept her balanced, so it remains.  She will be moving in with Evan, Claire, Willa, and their two dogs Molly and Frank.  I suspect her main displeasure will be that their stairs to the second floor are hardwood, no carpet, making it challenging for a slightly disadvantaged girl to climb!  She much prefers people-beds to cat beds, so she will probably ask them to carry her up at night.  She’s just the kind of girl that would get away with that, too!

I’m staying home today, as the weather this week is quite frigid once again.  Daytime highs of -25C are not for the faint hearted, like me.  I suspect Peter will not allow that as an excuse to skip his afternoon walk, so I’m hoping that the bright sunshine coming through the kitchen window can ameliorate the temperatures.  That hasn’t been the case for our frosty days earlier this month, but I can always hope!

My daily checks of the Cupertino Patch online newspaper remind me that it is balmy down there.  I have seen several rental houses that would suit us quite nicely, but they go by the next day, especially ones closer to Apple.  On the weekend I found one that was five minutes walk from the Apple campus, but it was gone by the next morning.  It was a cute bungalow, pet friendly, 3 bed 2 bath, on a street called Pear Tree Lane.  How idyllic would that be?  The price was comparatively reasonable, especially for the location, at $3100 per month.  No, I’m not being sarcastic, I’m just getting more inured to the prices down there!  Previously to this Apple possibility I would never have even considered paying that kind of money for rent, or even a mortgage payment!

My jobs for today include sorting through my sizable collection of Corningware casserole dishes, and matching  up to my even more sizable collection of plastic lids.  I figured that this was a good way to choose which to keep and which to donate to the MS garage sale.  Any lids that do not fit any of my collection will be donated as well, since there are some shapes and sizes that are not in my batch, as hard as that is to believe.  

As of today, it has been one week since Glenn chatted with Josh.  He asked him to be patient, for a week OR two, while the hiring process creaked through its various stages.  I’m not impressed.  Surely this length of wait is not common practice!  I’m having real concerns that there is a glitch in the whole process, since the manager that is doing the hiring is the get that got the job that Glenn was originally tagged for.  I have a creepy feeling that he is the roadblock, since he is substantially younger than him, but he will be reporting to him!  I know, I’m paranoid, but this is why I’m not 100% completely certain that this is all going to work out.

Given the number of cats that are weaving between my feet, I’m going to assume that the dishes downstairs are empty.  


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