CLUTZ by any other name!

So I was out in our snowy backyard throwing Peter’s ‘squirrel’, which is his favorite past time.  I had my cane with me, since  plodding through deep snow is not one of my strong points.  I had tossed it half a dozen times, when I toppled over backwards.  In shock, I unwittingly tossed my cane.  Landing on my butt, cushioned by fairly deep snow, I suspect I turned the air a lovely shade of blue.  

After a few seconds of assessment, I twisted on to my knees, and tried to get up as I usually do.  That was when I realized I had nothing to pull myself up on.  My cane would have loved to help me, but it was resting about twenty feet away.  Calls for help went unanswered, so I began to crawl.  

My knees have never really liked me, so they were quite indignant at this cold wet experience.  The pain was infuriating me, as I began to sniffle, and mutter to myself.  I could have sworn that as I edged closer to it, my cane moved further away.

Eventually I reached what I hoped would be my saviour.  It took a few minutes to find a spot that would not simply swallow the majority of the length of the cane.  Soon enough, I struggled a pushed my way to my feet.  

Back in the house, I got rid of my snow-soaked jeans, and made a cup of tea.  My head is gently throbbing, and my mood is grim.  This little adventure has left me slightly shaken, and questioning my ability to manage on my own.  


One thought on “CLUTZ by any other name!

  1. Note to self…hang on to cane!!! I too know what it’s like to be stranded in the snow! In my case however that position so low to the ground brings all the doggies over for a good lick and an attempted play session. Lot’s of choice words during those sessions! BE CAREFUL…is something I am always trying to remind myself. As for managing alone, that’s not going to happen is it????


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