Waiting, and hoping…..

I have been deliberately delaying posting another entry, in hopes that I might have something worthwhile to say.  At the moment however, we are still stuck in our holding pattern.  The much anticipated call from Josh only resulted in yet another delay.  “Please be patient, give us another week”, he opined.  

He was quite reassuring in his updates on Glenn’s hiring process.  Visa:  check, references:  check, security scan:  check.  A L M O S T  ready to give him the secret handshake:  check.  Next week, two at the most.  If he doesn’t make good on his promises, we’ll think about sending Uncle Eddie after him.

Meanwhile, the rental market in silicon valley is waking up.  There are many houses showing up, at generally MUCH better prices.  Of course, they don’t have all the little perks like multiple pools, hot tubs, and huge exercise facilities, that the apartments do.  Anybody that knows us can recognize which direction we are leaning!  


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