…..still waiting……

So starts my second day of self enforced sensibility.  The thermometer says -25C, but with a significant breeze, the reality is between -35 and -40C.  Having walked Pete yesterday afternoon in slightly milder temps, and found them to be painfully cold, my candy-assed-camper self said NO.  Any groceries we need can wait til tomorrow!  Even though I originally figured that this would be a good day to do any running around that was on my to-do list, just to make the time seem less like slow motion, I just couldn’t do it.

As an aside, Harry and I finally managed to connect, and we enjoyed jabbering away on the phone for over an hour.  He feels that he’s going to FINALLY get released from the hospital this month!  He has been in there for six months, starting with the oft dreamed of call that a kidney was available for him.  The kidney is working beautifully, despite having been of questionable quality initially.  The donor was a heavy duty drug user, but coincidentally matched with Harry’s extremely rare blood type, as well as other proteins that need to be in agreement.  Unfortunately, having been on dialysis on and off for most of his life, the rest of his body was rather messed up!  His tissues, both inner AND outer, were extremely fragile, so healing has been his weakness.  Since the transplant, he has had various other surgeries as issues popped up,  not the least of which involved the fragility of his other internal organs!  

Amazingly, his attitude was still very positive.  Once again, he is thinking of selling the gigantic house he bought in south Kitchener, but this time going with a more aggressive agent.  When he tried to sell last year, he had once again returned to the agent that had sold them the house, an affable low key fellow.  He recommended setting the listing price too low, and as a result didn’t attract the sort of buyer that would be interested in such a property!  Now, he plans to interview several agents, and be more involved in the whole process.  

Longer term, he hopes to come and visit us, perhaps for a longer term stay, in California, assuming we’re ever there!  He is very intrigued by the thought of being more flexible by not being tied down to a large property here.  We discussed the advantages of renting vs buying, a concept with which I am starting to become more comfortable.  Foot loose and fancy free has never described Glenn and I, but I’m getting there!

We have been rationalizing why we haven’t gotten THE CALL yet.  Personally, I think it is hinging on him finishing up all the loose ends of paperwork, enabling Josh to tick off ALL of the boxes on his to-do list.  Today, he has to make an appointment at a notary’s office, and prove that he is who he says he is.  It’s all legalese, but apparently very necessary.  Apple has been very diligent in prodding him along, and keeping him on task.  Dear Glenn is NOT super proficient at multitasking when the set of tasks is infinite!  Once he gets the offer, I think he’s going to heave a huge sigh of relief, enabling him to dig in and get the needed renos moving along.  We still have quite a bit to do, like repainting several rooms, redoing floors in the basement, and finishing up the basement bathroom.  It is mechanically complete, but needs the toilet, sink, and flooring installed.  Its always the last few items that take the longest to complete!



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