Perched on the precipice

Despite telling him that he would NOT hear anything from them until after January 6th, Glenn has received a literal stream of innuendo in the past week.  First, a mountain of paperwork arrived in his e-mailbox, accompanied by the usual ‘Please fill out and return asap’.

Then, he hears from a former coworker still at Nuvation that they have been contacted by a company called “BrightHire”, to confirm his term of employment there, as well as his former salary.   BrightHire is Apple, incognito.

The most stirring contact was from an immigration lawyer.

In between these messages, he still gets periodic missives from the recruiter, Josh, saying  ‘they are very excited about him’.

Meanwhile, we are trying to stay motivated for clearing out the unnecessary stuff, the general froufrou that one accumulates through daily life in the ‘burbs.  Discount coupons for everything from dry cleaning to duct cleaning, junk food coupons of significant enough value that you can almost convince yourself what a great deal it is, despite New Years resolutions.  Things like tin foil and plastic containers you dutifully scrubbed out for some unnamed purpose, or glass jars that would be great to fill with rooting snippets of plants you won’t be able to move.

There are the collections of clothes that every woman hordes.  There’s the faded things that they have had forever but have kept because someone at some time told them that the color was perfect for them!  The best of intentions always leads to the purchase and retention of  garments that are just a wee bit tight, justified by the belief that pounds will dribble off once spring arrives.  Snow inhibits physical activity, at least that’s what is said.  Never mind that you would likely burn off more calories hiking through knee-deep white stuff than you ever could strolling on a sun-lit path!

Today’s jobs are underway, as Glenn just called up from the dungeon that he’s shutting the water off so he can work on the plumbing in the new bathroom.  It actually looks like it a newborn room down there, with stud walls up, drywall leaning nearby, and wee clumps of Roxul littering the floor.  This area is a drastic improvement to the cold dark raw concrete that was left after the remnants of student life was purged from it when we first moved in here!



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