Having the chills

I’ve been trying to think of a creative way to describe what this dreadfully cold air feels like on exposed flesh, like your face.  I could only compare it to the annoyingly painful string of a stinging nettle, multiplied by 100.  I guess that’s the gardener in me coming out!  Looking out my big kitchen window, I really feel for the local squirrel population.  Several black ones are hanging in the skimpy branches of a three year old tree, swaying in the biting breeze, and I do believe that they are shivering!  Who could blame them!  With an absolute temperature of-17C, augmented to-29C with the addition of a particularly nasty breeze of 14km, shivering is the ONLY way to maintain body heat.  Bless the US Navy, who didn’t want their weather station back after Glenn used it for designing a monitoring system, three jobs ago.  Without this little module snuggled into the back of my kitchen counter, how would I ever know it was so beastly cold out there?

Although I am grateful for the few windows that we did manage to replace in this house, the ones that are still original 1957 models are not to be approached in this weather.  The above-mentioned large kitchen window feels like it is letting in frigid air in waves, as each healthy gust causes the windows to agitate.  Knowing that the cost of updating this one window would exceed a thousand dollars makes me seriously consider the value of either installing insulating drapes OR doing the hair dryer/plastic sheet trick to block those waves of cold.  Of course, the former would quickly become coated in soft downy cat hair as they wiggled in behind the curtain to enjoy their favorite squirrel viewing point, and the latter would be rendered pointless by sharp little claws stroking the plastic to get at the saucy squirrels!  Great ideas, impractical outcomes guaranteed!

Doing my usual morning task of checking the Cupertino rental market, to see if there are any new additions to the list, is particularly meaningful when the current temperature down there is 44F, and the front page of the Patch is showing the beach south of San Francisco.  Although I’m sure it wasn’t deliberate, it feels like a definite smack-down, straight from them.  Since Apple isn’t even back at work for several more days, I don’t think that us frozen Canadian  popsicles are even registering on their radar!

I just noticed on the WordPress news clips attached to my blog that there is TWO mentions of a woman stabbing her male partner with a deadly squirrel.  Although my curiosity is piqued, I hesitate to pursue these items.


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