The clock is ticking, more loudly than is acceptable in more classy places.  As 2013 ebbs away, my anxiety builds.  WHAT will the new year have in store for us?  That’s rhetorical, of course, but it would be nice to have a genie in a bottle that could give me a bit of solid information so I could get plans straight in my head.  It’s the not knowing that I find so stressful.

Based on the fact that his current employer seems to be flailing wildly and not making any progress, I’m going to assume that we won’t be here in six months time.  Either he will give up in utter frustration, and start seriously looking for a different role with a different company, or Apple will get off of its petard and nab him.  Either way, 2014 looks like a year of change for us.

Having ‘retired’ last year, Dr’s orders, location no longer affects me in the career sense.  If we are heading to California, I’ve already gotten an idea of how I can bide my time, having found several volunteer opportunities that I would enjoy.  In the Cupertino Patch this morning, there was an ad recruiting interested folks to help out with a major fundraising event for the Valley Hospice.  The event is planned for June, so I’ll contact the organizers once I’m there.  As well, there are dozens of volunteer opportunities with the city of Cupertino, if that is where we choose to settle.  There are half a dozen cities smooched into a clump that is now known as Silicon Valley, with no unpopulated space between them.  Apple is in Cupertino, but just north of that city is Sunnyvale, west of that is Mountain View, east in Santa Clara and San Jose, south is Campbell, Saratoga, and Los Gatos.

From his chats with former coworkers the climate there no longer intimidates me.  For example, today it is 60 degrees Fahrenheit.  How perfect is that?  While most of Ontario is immersed in an intense cold snap, Californians are basking in a super balmy spell, which apparently isn’t unusual.  As for summer heat, it is mitigated by the proximity of the ocean.  The valley’s location is ideal as well, as it is embraced by two different mountain ranges, which I believe are the coastal Sierra Nevada’s, and to the east the Rocky Mountains.

In my constant perusing of available rental properties in the area, I have just discovered one that is only a couple of blocks from where Apple is building their new headquarters, aka the Spaceship.  How convenient would that be?  As well, the price is about a thousand dollars less than the Cupertino ones that pop up first, as this one is in Santa Clara.  Where we end up will depend on what is available at the time we get down there!  There are dozens and dozens of available properties at any given time, so we certainly wouldn’t be homeless!

This could be all for naught, if the offer that Glenn is anticipating from Apple never materializes.  Will I be heartbroken?  For him, perhaps, but not for me.  I did NOT leave MY heart in San Francisco, I left mine in Ottawa.


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