The basement is shaking in its boots.   Due to there being rebar set within the concrete, we couldn’t get all of the ‘concrete crypt’ demolished, even with two men sledgehammering at it for many hours.  Step two was to rent a jackhammer to destroy the rest of the base.  I don’t know who ever created that monstrosity, but they clearly intended for it to survive into the next millennium.  Sadly, the real estate value of such a facility was in fact a negative number, so out it went.

With that gone, and vapor barrier applied to all the foundation walls, it is beginning to look like progress.  It is grievously slow going, but at least is proceeding in the right direction.  I am amazed that Glenn is attacking this with such determined fervor, especially since we won’t likely hear from Apple for a couple of weeks yet.  The fact that it simply needs to get done wouldn’t ordinarily inspire him, as demonstrated by the fact that it sat ignored for the over two years we have lived here!

Now that Christmas is over and done with, I am VERY anxious to get the tree down and put away.  As soon as I can I’ll bring up the associated packaging and get it all stashed for next year, or whatever the intervening time period brings.  I really can’t quite imagine Christmas in California.  Glenn said that the outdoor decorations were few when he was down there in the second week of December, but then he wasn’t cruising the residential areas at night.  He did walk through the areas that are usually the favored ‘landing spots’ for new staff, when the first arrive in California.  Apple will put you up there on their tab for the first few weeks, until you decided where you want to live on a longer term basis. ImageImageWe are assuming, perhaps naively, that he will hear from them in the next few weeks, with an offer.  In any case, the work that we are doing around the house is stuff that should have been dealt with long ago, but motivation has never been our strong suit!

Christmas in Peterborough was lovely, but viscously cold!  It has been a while since we encountered -20 on the thermometer, but it welcomed us back to the north.  Evan’s house is nice and big, giving them the elbow room that they so desired, after living in the tiny apartment for so many years.  We were amazed at Willa’s level of comprehension, as we were able to speak to her as you would an older child.  Of course, being first time grandparents we really have nothing on which to base a comparison.  Just please humor us!


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