News travels!

He just got an email from the fellow that recommended him to the recruiters.  Apparently, he is the topic of conversation amongst the ex-pats!  It is becoming known that he interviewed well, and that the big wheel has begun slowly turning.  Michael is back in Waterloo for a family Christmas, and is interested in meeting up with Glenn for lunch tomorrow, to share gossip.  Who ever said that guys don’t gossip?

We had been in the grips of the latest ice storm since this morning, and just got power back at 6pm.  We had just managed to find and light half a dozen candles when the fish tank pump started grumbling, announcing the return of power.  Glenn had already heated the barbecue for cooking the burgers we had in the freezer, so that was the main course of our disrupted Sunday dinner.  Definitely brought back memories of the BIG ice storm we had in Ottawa, where we and the boys basically camped in the family room in front of the blazing wood fireplace.  We were without power for four days that time, but managed quite nicely.  Our BBQ was hooked up to the house gas, and was just outside the side door, so hot water and dinner were easily arranged.  We spent the days playing board games, reading, and building massive creations with our large collection of Lego bricks.

Tomorrow evening we will head up to Evan and Claire’s house, assuming the roads have been beaten into submission by various ploughs, sand and salt.  This will be our first Christmas eve and morning with Willa, so we are definitely looking forward to this.  Claire plans on cooking a turkey for Christmas eve, since her family does other things for dinner on the 25th.  They will leave around noon to head to her family home in Orillia.  We will then head back to Waterloo, and meet up with Carolyn and Ryan.  I have a ham waiting to become Christmas dinner, as well as a good assortment of veggies.  I also plan on scalloped potatoes, based on a recipe that I tried out a couple weeks ago.  Both of us were really impressed with how easy it was, as well as how really yummy it was!  I had seen it on an episode of a cooking show hosted by the author of a cook book I recently purchased, and was intrigued.

When he was in California for his interviews, Glenn used his spare time to snap a few pictures of the area, to help me get a more accurate mental picture of the area.  Even he must admit that those pictures didn’t demonstrate great photographic prowess, but it least gave me a few ideas for editing the pictures in my mind.  Really, the most striking thing in those pictures was the sunshine, and palm trees!  And Christmas lights that, to me, look strangely out of place.  I can only recall a couple of Christmases past that were not white.  I guess I’m going to have to get used to that, sadly.

I will post some of those pictures next time.



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