An exhausting week!

To summarize, in a nutshell, NO offer yet.  The HR rep that has been leading the charge to get Glenn on board, explained that there were other candidates that still needed to be interviewed before such decisions could be made.  That little missive cut deep, but Glenn remained philosophical, saying that he had been interviewed for THREE, not two, different roles, and felt very chuffed after at least one of those sessions.  That first email arrived at 5pm EST.

Then, at just after 5pm came another note from Josh, this one much more urgent in nature.  A rather exhaustive form had to be filled out and returned, without delay.  Paperwork was required,  asking about salary expectations, including benefits, how many others would potentially be making the move with him, any pets, and did he plan to rent or buy accommodations.  It also asked about any 401K he might already have in place, which he doesn’t.  He duly filled out the form and sent it back.  It certainly look like an offer is ‘in the tubes’, as all that innuendo coming from the Castle implies.

Staff isn’t back at Apple until past the tenth of January, so we had best clear our minds and relax.

Meanwhile, Glenn is currently paying for the stress he has been under for the past while.  He is exhausted, so has spent today just being lazy.  We both know that cleaning and decluttering will have to happen before we can list our house on the market, but there are still some renovations that MUST be completed as well.  The basement powder room currently sports crumbled concrete, the flooring in the laundry room is not interested in staying on the floor, and our tankless hot water tank still  snoozes in its cardboard box.

Luckily, help is on the way!  Ryan and Caroline have been wonderful helps in fixing up this little house, having stripped the wallpaper in the main bath, reorganizing and cleaning the kitchen cupboards, and building in an area to accommodate my baking equipment and commodious supplies.

This month, I have done 22 hours of volunteer service at the gift wrap center at our local mall.  This is a major fundraiser for the Epilepsy Society of Kitchener/Waterloo.  Last year’s gross total raised was $11,000, but by this weekend, we had exceeded that number.  The target for this year is $20,000.  I had decided to volunteer just to get me out of the house, and possibly meet some new folks.  I definitely miss being in the malls during the festive season, so this would get me out there but keep my wallet firmly closed.  It was only during this past week that it was super busy at the wrap center, but my earlier shifts were comprised of pre-wrapping hundreds of empty boxes, and making decorative bows using the wrap scraps.  Good therapy for my slightly addled hands certainly!


One thought on “An exhausting week!

  1. My goodness…whew! Apple really needs to s..t or get off the pot! However, I don’t imagine that they would go to the trouble of flying him down there if there was not something coming up! Talk about stress though! Are we…aren’t we…it’s hard to make decisions like that! Sure feel for you both!


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