KW does Snowmageddon!

He is counting the minutes, the seconds.  The short chat he had with Michael Diu this afternoon was reassuring, making him even more anxious to get there.  Although he has only been there a few months now, Michael was not spare in his delight in being there.  The only negatives he could come up with concerned the high cost of the sky-high rents in the Cupertino area.  He also encouraged him to choose the job based on the people he would be working with, instead of the formal job title or description.  

“If you are given the ability to choose one job or the other, meet the teams before you decide.  Your career will be much more enjoyable if you are happy with your fellow staff.  The general atmosphere at Apple is very much like a sports team, with lots of mutual support.”

During their talk, he mentioned that it can take up to a month before your belongings arrive at your new home.  With long distance moves, many people end up with a tag-load, which only takes up a portion of the space on a gigantic cross-country moving truck.  He suggested that he and Glenn get together on Tuesday at some point, so they can chat more.  Michael is the fellow that recommended Glenn to the recruiters at Apple.

I have arranged for volunteer shifts at the Epilepsy wrapping station this Monday and Tuesday morning, to get a taste of the retail holiday  spirit.  As a result, I have added several more shifts to the original four I had signed up for.  The people I have met and worked with I hope to keep in touch with, especially Kathy.  She retired from nursing only a couple of months before me.  She has one daughter at Queens, and has had many cats over the years, but always two at a time.  She lives at the far southern end of Kitchener, but I expect we could manage to meet up at a mall occasionally.  I told her that we might be moving to California, and she immediately volunteered to visit.  

We now have more snow on the ground than I’ve ever seen here before.  It has snowed all day, and is still going strong.  When we walked Peter this evening, it was quite heavy, accompanied by a stiff wind that turned the fine flakes into sand, stinging our cheeks.  I don’t know why, but I am having a great deal of trouble walking in anything more than an inch or so of the white stuff.  It’s not that its terribly slippery,  but still I have trouble gaining purchase on fluffy ground.  I must confess to making more frequent comparisons to CA as time goes on.  Better be careful, don’t want to jinx it for him!




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