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Last night’s phone interview went extremely well.  It was remarkably short, compared with the last ones.  Almost gave you the feeling that they had already decided what the next step would be, and the sooner they got it done the better!  He is now being considered for TWO different senior roles at Apple, which is a bit of a departure from the role that was described online.  That job was titled ‘Principal Hardware Engineer’, which was a role that he has long aspired to.  This in itself is not necessarily a ‘senior’ role, so their intent is somewhat baffling.  

Since their new aim seems to be to place him in the group that is creating new technology for products that currently don’t even exist, their questions were all carefully constructed to not give away any information, while still enabling them to determine how he would fit in the organization.  If this wasn’t such an important stage in his career, it might be laughable.  Certainly, confidentiality is a prime consideration for a firm such as Apple, but it is sometimes hard to imagine such precautions are so very necessary.

I can’t quite decide if I’m excited for him, if I’m scared of the great abyss know as the ‘unknown’, or if I’m still suffering the effects of the decongestant I took this morning.  As for Glenn, he headed off for work this morning with a silly grin on his face despite having to face the inevitable questions when he tells Aeryon he needs 3 days off next week.  They didn’t react well last time he said that he needed TWO days off for ‘personal reasons’ the last time he was dealing with Apple, so this won’t likely be any improvement.  My fear is that they’ll put this all together and just fire him point blank!  I’m quite sure that our finances wouldn’t handle several weeks with NO income, despite a sunnier outlook as spring approaches.  

I have been spending a couple days per week volunteer with the Epilepsy Association here, and really enjoying myself wrapping presents for shoppers in the mall.  This is one of their major fundraisers, and currently we’re depositing between 3 and 4 hundred dollars at the end of each day.  This certainly gets one in the Christmas spirit, with the hustle and bustle of people rushing to get their shopping done, get their gifts wrapped, while barely pausing to catch a breath!  So far, the mood is cheery, since we endeavor to get the packages beautifully wrapped and decorated in a timely fashion.  

I spend a portion of each day on the internet, viewing the various options we would have for living spaces in CA.  I know that Glenn would prefer to not have to spend a lot of time in traffic commuting, so our prime target is the city of Cupertino itself.  Since it is the location of several head offices, Apple included, it is by far the most expensive area.  The satellite cities that are nearby are markedly cheaper, but I suspect that the roads in the area would easily become ensnared with commuters both morning and night.  We’ll have a much better idea of the lay of the land once he has gone down and seen it all for himself, but that doesn’t really help things from my perspective!  IF this is going to roll out into a move, they will fly us both down to find accommodations, but that won’t happen until later this winter, or early spring.  

He does plan to meet up with his old coworkers from Altera and/or Nuvation while he’s down there, probably for dinner on Monday or Tuesday evening.  Perhaps getting some info from Canadian ex-pats will be more reassuring, making us feel more like this whole procedure is actually do-able, without involving nervous breakdowns and the like.  It just doesn’t seem possible at the moment!


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